Friday, May 05, 2006

Zarqawi in new comedy movie!

`let me help you,, no, that's the safety..'

Hey, if al Qaeda warlord Abu Musab al-Zarqawi ever gets tired of ordering chopping off the heads of bound captives or ordering the murder of women and children, and he avoids a US hellfire missle up the behind, he has a real future in comedy.

Hoo boy!

The marines just missed clipping his wings for good the other day when they raided some hovel in South Baghdad he was cribbing at, but they did find the unedited version of his last video that aired on Jihad TV. And released the juicier bits to the world press.

In one scene, wardrobe screwed up, and Zarqawi is shown wearing a pair of New Balance tennis shoes instead of combat boots. Later, he changes into combat boots but this time it's the props and pyro department that screwed up...ol' Zarqawi has trouble firing his automatic rifle, than finally gets off a few shots and the gun jams..after which Zarqawi is shown asking his buds in Arabic `how you work this thing anyhow?'

Even funnier is a scene where Zarqawi's buds grab the heated barrel of a machine gun and burn their hands..yowch!

Seriously, this kind of ridicule is exactly how we should be fighting this war in the first place. When you're dealing with a dysfunctional honor/shame culture, ridicule and shame is a powerful weapon..which is why I felt that the White Houses' reaction to the college hazing type stunts in Abu Ghreib was all wrong.

Remember the boggarts in Harry Potter, who could assume the shape of your worst fears? The way that they were combatted and made harmless was by uttering a charm `ridikulous', making them assume a ludicrous image and destroying their ability to terrorize.

Zarqawi and his pals aren't quite so simple to take care of (if only), but an important part in winning this war involves exactly that - destroying their ability to terrorize, their image as `romantic freedom fighters'...and thus depriving them of one of their chief weapons.

These people deserve humiliation and the very least, before an immediate and painful death.

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