Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Watcher's Council nominations, 5/24

Every week, the Watcher's Council nominate two posts each, one from the Council members and one from outside for consideration by the whole Council. The complete list of this week’s Council nominations is here.

1.Dr. Sanity: THE NARCISSISTIC SYNTHESIS - Sometimes, You Get What You Need
In which the Doctor takes apart the narcissistic impulse and has some interesting things to say about free will...fascinating, Dr. as always

2. J O S H U A P U N D I T: Saudi textbooks (after the intolerance was removed!)
For some time, I have been chronicling the pernicious Saudi influence on our political and social fabric and their role in exporting jihad to our country. Think Islam is `just another religion'? Read up on exactly what your local Saudi financed mosques and madrassahs are teaching young Muslims all over the world.

3.Done With Mirrors: EU monkey at fault in monkey eating- Callimachus has a wicked and satirical take on the EU Leftist attitude of blaming the victim.

4. The Education Wonks: Drilling To Prevent Columbine EdWonk examines a Michigan program for lockdown drills to prevent school violence.

5. The Strata-Sphere � Blog Archive: Stop Fooling Around And Make ProgressAJ's takeon the current immigration legislation. Ok AJ...but let's deal withenforcement first and worry about how to handle the 12 million people that are here illegally later. It is, after all, a sovereignity issue.

6. When government gives you a culture of corruption, make culture of corruption-ade : New World Man Matt's take on the `culture of corruption', and an examination of what kind of people go into politics in the first place.

7. Gates of Vienna: Let Us Make Them All Welcome Dymphna has a great post on European refugees from Islamic fascism.

8. ShrinkWrapped: Citizens of the WorldThe Shrinkster analyzes Condaleeza Rice's commencement address at Boston College and the hysterical reaction to it from the Angry left.

9. Rhymes With Right: An unnecessary mandateGreg writes on the notion of making a vaccination against a disease that is 100% sexually transmitted mandatory for admission to public schools.

10.Right Wing Nut House: LOOKING FOR MIDDLE GROUND IN THE IMMIGRATION DEBATE Rick is wondering why conservatives don't trust president Bush on border security, and wants find a middle ground. Sorry Rick. It started with the president refusing to name the enemy in the war until recently, his being essentially AWOL on the borders until it was forceably brought to his attention, the fiasco over the Dubai Ports deal and the frankly, dissembling speech he gave week. I don't trust him at all on these issues...he's going to have to show me by at least enforcing the borders. End of story.

11. The Glittering Eye : Assessing the threat at our southern border
Dave examines border security.

12. The Sundries Shack: Yeesh!As Jimmie Bise points out, some people will play the race card over absolutely anything!

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