Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Palestinians get their jizya from the West

Apparently the US has `softened' its position on aid to the Palestinian Authority, and Israel, under severe pressure, has agreed to release to transfer NIS 50 million to the Palestinian Authority, according to Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni. That's about $11 million US.

The money is supposed to be used for `humanitarian purposes' only. Is that a tacit admission that the millions of donor aid from the US, UN and EU given to the Palestinians over the years for `humanitarian aid' were used for something else?

This would be ludicrous if it weren't so tragic. Only the present Israeli goverment would transfer money to its avowed enemies.

While the US has reacted with a certain amount of ambivalence, the so-called `Quartet' -the US, the UN, Russia and the EU - said today that a decision has been taken to funnel aid to the Palestinian Authority.

The EU (who else?) is supposed to present the Americans with a proposal on Palestinian aid during talks in Brussels in two weeks. Deatils are supposed to be finalized on the details of a mechanism to funnel aid to the Palestinians while ensuring funds don't reach Hamas.

Tell me another good one, boys!

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice denied that the US has changed its position, telling Fox News nothing changed in light of the Quartet declaration. I think she's dissembling, to be polite about it.

"What is being said to Hamas is: Come into line with the norms of the international community and do so because as the government of the Palestinian people, they are owed a better life, and a better life is only going to come in the context of a two-state solution and ... negotiations on a peace process,’" Rice said.

Uh huh.

The real story? The Arabs, the Russians and the usual suspects within the EU put tremendous pressure on the US to fold. In other words, Rice was forced to bow to the European-Arab position and rescue the Hamas government if it wanted support on the Iranian nuclear problem.

In reality, when push comes to shove, The US won't get help from the Russians, the Arabs and a significant portion of the EU on Iran either...but that's another topic.

The `Quartet' with US agreement has now bypassed its own stipulations for aid: recognition of Israel, renunciation of terrorism and acceptance of previous agreements between the Palestinians and Israel.

This decision opens the cash floodgates for international funds to reach the Hamas-led other words, business with terrorists as usual. Israel and the US will live to regret this.


Dan M said...

This is an absolute disgrace.

The group that supposedly our government, the media and the elites were all worried about doing well, HAMAS, is now to receive the funds of the American tax payers.

Recall all the talk right after HAMAS won, "it's a disaster," "our policy is in ruins," "the peace process is over."

Has now morphed into: "Here, take our money."

Oh God, spare us the folly of our brain dead State Department, and the ultimate idiocy latent in the Near East Bureau.

Just look at the overall incoherence of our policy, we have guys from the Pentagon fighting and dying in Iraq, while we have guys in the State Department handing checks to terrorists in Palestine, who then receive those checks, smile, and do all they can to move foreign fighters into Iraq.

GW has picked the worst cabinet level appointments in recent Republican history.

Other than Rumsfeld, Cheney and Bolton, they're all second rate, absolutely second rate.

Freedom Fighter said...

I don't disagree with you in the least.

In some cases, like ICE head Debie Myers, I'd say they're 3rd rate.

The administration did this to `gain support' from the EU and the Arabs vis a vis Iran. In reality, they will NOT receive it...because when push comes to shove most of the EU will publicly deplore Iran having the bomb. shrug and then rush to buy oil and sell Iran arms.

Israel's attitude on releasing aid to the Hamas government is even more incomprehensible and suicidal.

Long live Kadima and the New Order. Not.

Dan M said...

Exactly, if you recall, the Iranians DEMANDED the right to purchase Europe's state of the art military equipment over a year ago, during the height of their discussions with the EU3, that even shocked the Europeans.

EVEN IF THE IRANIANS don't actually use the bomb, simply the leverage their possession thereof would garner them is absolutely intolerable.