Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Dennis Prager : `The war we are fighting needs a more accurate name'

There's a psychological term called `category error' , which refers to the inability to solve a problem due to mislabeling the problem.

That's why I've always referred to this as the War on Jihad rather than `the war on terror.' Here, in a superb piece titled `The War We are Fighting needs a more accurate name', commentator Dennis Prager voices that very same opinion:

"To understand what Americans are fighting, it is necessary to first understand that we are not fighting a "War on Terror." We are no more fighting a "War on Terror" than we fought a "War on Kamikazes" in World War II. Of course we had to stop Kamikaze attacks, the suicide crashing by Japanese pilots of airplanes into American war ships. But we were fighting Japanese fascism and imperialism.

The same holds true today. We are fighting Islamic fascism and imperialism (though surely not all Muslims).

The parallels are almost as extensive as any historic parallels of two different phenomena can be. The fascist Japanese regime aimed to subjugate much of the world, Asia in particular, and it used whatever violence it could think of without any moral constraints. The fascist element within Islam wishes to subjugate the entire world using whatever violence it can think of without any moral constraints..."

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(And a muchas gracias to Joe Gringo)

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