Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Update: Fatah and Abbas lose more supporters in Gaza.

Over 1,000 Fatah gunmen defected and marched through Gaza City today, declaring their allegiance to Hamas.

The Fatah defectors are loyal to Khaled Mussa Abu Hilal, an ex-Fatah official who went over to Hamas after the elections in January. Apparently he's now brought his private army with him over to Hamas as well.

The gunmen marched in formation through the streets, firing into the air and screaming slogans.

"What's your goal?" shouted a leader. "Allah," responded the marching soldiers. "What's your path?" "Jihad," a thousand voices responded in unison.

Abbas appears to be losing what little support he has left in Gaza like a dog shedding hair in the summertime.

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