Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Hamas terrorist kingpin arrested by the IDF in Ramallah

Just in case anyone has any doubts about the `Palestine Authority' being the terrorist sanctuary the US House of representatives said it was when they passed a bill cutting off aid to the PA today, there's this little item.

Today, the IDF caught up with Ibrahim Hamed at his hideout in the al-Balua neighborhood of Ramallah. He's been on Israel's most wanted list since 1998. Hamed's the mastermind behind `operations' like the homicide bombings of the Moment Cafe in Jerusalem, the city's Hebrew University Frank Sinatra cafeteria that murdered five Americans, the Ben Yehuda Mall near Zion Square, Cafe Hillel, and the IDF base near Tsrifin.

All this time, he's been hanging out unmolested without Arafat or `moderate' Abbas doing a thing to stop him. Hamed grew up in the Palestinian village of Silwad, and belongs to the same clan as Khaled Mashaal, the top Hamas leader based in Damascus.

Whatever he told the dupes who carried out the homicide bombings, this piece of human garbage obviously didn't buy the 72 virgins hooey. Hamed surrendered to the IDF after they threatened to bulldoze his hideout with him inside it. Following instructions over a loudspeaker, he took off his shirt and pants, then walked toward the soldiers in his underwear. (Palestinian terrorists are routinely asked to strip to make sure they are not wearing explosives on their bodies).

Of course, the back end of the story is that the IDF and the Shin Bet are doing their best to pick up whatever loose Hamas operatives they can, to keep what's happening in Gaza from recurring in Judea and Samaria next to Israel's populaton centers.

Let's hope the Shin Bet can get this terrorist trash to sing long and loud about his jihadi pals, followed by what our Brit friends would call the Tyburn jig and a pigskin burial.

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