Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Le Jihad Francais redux

During last year's Muslim riots in France, I predicted that, based on the French government's reaction, this would be only the start.

This week, the media reports on violence flaring again in the Paris arrondisements.

`Youths' torched a dozen cars and hurled stones at police in a second night of violence in the Muslim enclaves in the Paris suburbs in Montfermeil and Clichy-sous-Bois, the center of last year's jihad festivities.

Six French policemen have been injured so far today.

Monday night was the real party, when bands of `youths' hurled gasoline bombs at public buildings, caused the mayor of Montfermeil to flee for his personal safety and roted in the the streets with baseball bats. Nine officers were hurt that night and the French cops used rubber bullets on the crowd. One police car was firebombed, and the police inside barely had time to get out.

Of course, the media reports take great care not to directly mention the dreaded`M' word in connection with the rioters, merely referring to them as `youths'...instead, they simply mention where the rioting is taking place, in heavily Muslim areas of Paris, and hope no one notices.

This appears to be a test run for violence planned later in the year...stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

can you do some research and find out if they are going to rename the bicycle race this year "the jihad de france"?

tour de dhimmi???

JB said...

I think people are too willing to use the French riots to draw anti-Muslim characterizations. While religion has a part in it, these protests are more based on the failure of Frances socialism combined with racism. The unemployment rate for French university graduates is ~5% while French university graduates of North African dissent have an unemployment of over 25%.

If the discrepancy between white and black college graduates in the U.S. got that high (with either being the 25%), I would not be surprised to see similar riots within our country.

Freedom Fighter said...

Very funny, Louie!

JB-I appreciate the point you are trying to make, but I disagree, if you don't mind.

For one thing, the discrepancy you mention was prevalent in US society prior to the 1960's...and we saw nothing like Le Jihad Francais in America. Nor would we see it if things unfortunately regressed to those's why.

The whole focus of the Black struggle and the civil rights movement post reconstruction was to integrate into American society and to become part of it....and that struggle has largely succeded. There are indeed still Black seperatists, but they are a tiny and declining minority, whose major faction (what a surprise!) is Farrakhan's movement, the Nation of Islam.

Le Jihad Francais comes from an entirely different place. There, people are seeking to differentiate and seperate themselves from French society and want French society to change to accomodate this.

They want to establish sharia in their own areas and eventually in all of France...witness the major disturbances over France's attempt to outlaw the hijab(along with all other religious symbols) in the public schools. And the attacks on French Jews and Christians.

Remember that the 9/11 hijackers and Osama came from the wealthy and middle class. It ain't about jobs, or college.

Islam's call to jihad trumps everything, JB. We do well to remember that.