Friday, May 05, 2006

Yee Haw!! It's Derby Day tommorow!

Ain't nothin' in this world like a good horse race. The fine piece of G-d's handiwork you see pictured above is Brother Derek, my pick to win. He has six wins in eight starts, and runs the half-mile in a blazing 49.20 seconds. Weather's been dry so far this week, but it rained in Louisville Sunday and there still might be a little mud on the track.

I won't be in Kentucky this year, so I'll miss Derby Day.(For those foreign fans of JoshuaPundit, Derby Day in Louisville is a major party) But I plan on settling back with some homemade mint juleps and waiting for my money to come galloping home..LOL!

Hey, I won last year!

Like I said, there's nothing like a good horse race.

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