Thursday, May 04, 2006

Peggy Noonan on the Moussaoui verdict `They should have killed him'

"This is what Moussaoui did: He was in jail on a visa violation in August 2001. He knew of the upcoming attacks. In fact, he had taken flight lessons to take part in them. He told no one what was coming. He lied to the FBI so the attacks could go forward. He pled guilty last year to conspiring with al Qaeda; at his trial he bragged to the court that he had intended to be on the fifth aircraft, which was supposed to destroy the White House.

He knew the trigger was about to be pulled. He knew innocent people had been targeted, and were about to meet gruesome, unjust deaths.

He could have stopped it. He did nothing. And so 2,700 people died.

This is what the jury announced yesterday. They did not doubt Moussaoui was guilty of conspiracy. They did not doubt his own testimony as to his guilt. They did not think he was incapable of telling right from wrong. They did not find him insane. They did believe, however, that he had had an unstable childhood, that his father was abusive and then abandoning, and that as a child, in his native France, he'd suffered the trauma of being exposed to racial slurs.

As I listened to the court officer read the jury's conclusions yesterday I thought: This isn't a decision, it's a non sequitur."

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EminemsRevenge said...

As any GOOD cop can tell you, whenever there is a high profile crime there's always a line around the block of people who "did it." The jury should be awarded Medals of Freedom for realizing that Moussaui has as much credibility as a GW war story.

Anonymous said...

The guy is convinced that if the infidels kill him, he'll go straight up to Allah's brothel in the sky and enjoy an eternity of rogering 72 virgins and 24 pretty boys.

But if he dies a natural death, things aren't that simple. Like if he doesn't get buried within the mandatory 24 hours (Virgins don't like decomposing corpses).

And especially if someone were to let him know that he'll be buried in pigskins with a pork sausage stuffed up his Khyber. (Allah hates pigs and all their products)

That'll give him something to think about in the coming years.

P.S. Make that a Danish pork sausage suppository then he's doubly damned.

Rosey said...

I still don't understand how someone who didn't actually pull a trigger or whatever, can be eligible for the death penalty. In any case, life in a maximum security prison is pretty grim and is probably worse than a death that essentially amounts to going to sleep and never waking up. Besides maybe in his 1 hour a day out of his cell he'll get a differnt kind of sausage up his khyber....

Freedom Fighter said...

Emininem - I never know quite whether to take you seriously or not..but you do add a certain amount of uh-color- to the site.

Rosey and ROP- the legal basis for the death penalty in a case like this is as an accessory to murder, as I understand it. If you and a pal conspire to hold up a 7/11 and shoot the clerk, actually rob the place and while you're there he shoots the clerk and you aid and abet in the escape and coverup you are likewise culpapble.

Like PN, I am concerned about what message this sends to the jihadis, and what better message would have been sent with a pigskin burial.

But one things certain..instead of getting the 72 virgins, Moussaoui may end up BEING the virgin, if you get my drift ;)