Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Finally..justice for Sami al-Arian

Islamic Jihad's own American kingpin and the anti-America Left's posterboy got his today.

U.S. District Judge James Moody slappeda maximum 5 year sentence on Sami Al-Arian Monday calling the former university professor a "master manipulator'' who led a double life in the top ranks of Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

al Arian had already made a plea bargain in which he agreed to be deported, and the prosecutors and defense lawyers recommended the minimum sentence.

But Judge Moody surprised everybody and ignored all that. He gave Al-Arian as much prison time as possible under the plea deal - 57 months, followed by deportation.

With credit for time served while awaiting trial, Al-Arian will spend about 18 months behind bars...and hopefully this terrorist creep will not be segregated from the general prison population.

Moody realized that al-Arian was a liar and an unrepentant terrorist with blood on his hands. And he had a few things to say to him.

Speaking about al-Arian's claim that he was collecting money for`widows and orphans'
Moody said, "Your only connection to orphans and widows is that you create them."

Echoing a government informant who testified at the trial, Moody told Al-Arian: "Your children attend the finest universities this country has to offer while you raise money to blow up the children of others.''

As the judge spoke, Al-Arian's three children, all graduate students sat there stone-faced.

The judge concluded by saying to Al-Arian by saying that "anyone with even the slightest bit of human compassion would be sickened'' by a double suicide bombing at Beit Lid, Israel, in January 1995 that killed 22 people. But, he said Al-Arian "saw it as an opportunity to solicit more money to carry out more bombings."

After the courtroom emptied, Moody signed an expedited order of removal for Al-Arian, which means he will be deported as soon as he completes his sentence.

Oh, and the photo? That's a picture of George and Laura Bush hanging out with the al-Arian family. Did they know about his views on Israel and his terrorist symphathies back then?


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Sometimes news can be good.

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Yes indeed, mate.

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