Monday, March 14, 2011

The Children's Hour..Coming To You Courtesy Of Al-Jazeera

Now isn't this lovely...JihadTV ( AKA Al-Jazeera) is planning to launch an English-Language children’s channel in North America by 2012. And International versions of the station in English and Arabic will be available by the end of next year, said Mahmoud Bouneb, the executive general manager of JCC.

"We have an ambition to create an international feed for JCC that will benefit other markets, [such as] Asia and North America," said Mr Bouneb.

Ah,but will they say the same things? Or will the content be very different in Arabic, the way it is now?

According to Bouneb, the Qatar Foundation (which is owned by the Emir of Qatar,like just about everything else)is prepared to put $110-120 million per year to fund JihadTV's kiddie version.

Let's see what the little tykes will be sopping up, shall we?

Well whaddya know about that. Those subhuman Jews and Israel are the enemy. And by extension, the Americans for supporting them. You know, the great Satan and the Little Satan.

What, you thought they were a news station?

If Rep. Peter King and his congressional committee want some fresh info on how radical Islam spreads for the hearings, JihadTV is a great place to start looking.

(Hat tip, The Political Commentator)

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