Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jerusalem Bombing Update

The official toll of this morning's bombing in Jerusalem is 31 wounded, three critically.

Contrary to previous reports, this was not a suicide bomber. The bomb was placed in a bag near one of the most popular bus terminals in Israel and exploded while a local kiosk owner was on the phone with police reporting it. The bomb was approximately 4 pounds (1-2 Kilos) and filled with maximize civilian casualties.

There are reports that witnesses were able to identify the one specific man who left the bag and police were searching for him.

Israel's Channel 10 is reporting that the Shin Bet believe the terrorist probably came from Hebron.

Today, as Israel's Southern Command anticipated, Palestinian Grad missiles imported by Hamas from Iran struck Beersheba and Ashdod, wounding a resident and prompting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to threaten lengthy "exchanges of blows" with the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.

"No country would be prepared to absorb protracted missile fire on its cities and civilians, and of course the State of Israel is not prepared to," Netanyahu said in parliament.

The Israelis might just be better off taking on Hamas now full on while the 'international community' is entangled with Libya.

Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the missile attacks, but nothing happens in Gaza without Hamas' OK..and ultimately, that's who would have allocated the missiles to Islamic Jihad.

The missile attacks and the bus terminal bombing follows a barrage from Hamas of more than two dozen mortar shells and rockets over the weekend.

They have obviously received orders from Iran to rev up their attacks on Israel.

The UN Security Council went into session immediately and has voted on a resolution authorizing all steps necessary to protect Israeli civilians. (/sarcasm off).

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Mo said...

If they find out the bomber is from Hebron, then they should just deport every single Hebronite Muslim and send 'em to Jordan. Hebron has been a snakepit of murderers for a long time, and it's time for the Jewish people to take back OUR holy city. I know this may sound like religious fanatacism and collective punishment, but you know what? I don't give a damn. The Palis have proven they are not worth a single Jewish life, acting like animals and passing out sweets when children are murdered. And the scum that planted the bomb? Send him to hell.

Make Ramallah a parking lot. Clear out Jenin for real this time. Send the Gazans to Sinai, let 'em fend for themselves and use Gaza for beachfront resorts.

It's ENOUGH ALREADY with the Palestinians, they deserve NOTHING but hell unleashed on them.

Israel is blamed for ethnic cleansing and apartheid, much of the world believes both, then damn it, let's do it already and have a safer Israel, instead of letting these animals on the loose.