Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'd Love To See The Mechanics Of This Poll

CNN, the Ghost Network no one watches has a new poll out under the headline 'Most Americans 'okay' with a mosque in their community'.

The tag line is a blurb to a series some reporter named Soledad O'Brien is doing that ' chronicles the dramatic fight over the construction of a mosque in the heart of the Bible belt.'

That would most likely be the construction of a number of huge mega-mosques in Central Tennessee that far outstrip the number of Muslims in the area. And the justifiable controversy has arisen ( which you can read about at the link) because of the Muslim Brotherhood ties of people involved in the proposed Islamic Center Of Murfreesboro, the murky sources of funding, the process by which permits were issued and the zoning considerations.

The poll claims that 69 percent of Americans would be "okay" with a mosque in their area while 28 percent would not, but goes on to say that the percentage dips toonly 46% when they're polling what they condescendingly characterize as 'rural southerners' ('get a load of this trailer trash Fred..she has all her teeth and she's wearing shoes!').

They go on to quote the ACLU about hate crimes against Muslims and cite a statistic that 46 percent of all Americans have a favorable view of American Muslims today.

And then, at the very bottom, there's this, a quote from their own pollster, Keating Holland:

"When it comes to attitudes towards the Islamic faith, American opinions haven't changed much. In 2002, 28 percent of all Americans had a favorable view of Islam and 33 percent feel that way today."

Now that's definitely the bum note in this sweet chord of diversity..the poll claims that 69% of Americans are OK with a mosque in their neighborhood and 46% have a favorable view of American Muslims..but below the fold, at the bottom of the article their pollster says only 33% have a favorable view of Islam?

Two and two aren't making four here, are they? I'd love to know whom they asked, how they filtered their results, whether they oversampled certain groups and exactly what questions were asked.

Although I have a feeling I know the answers already.

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louielouie said...

against my better judgement, i'll use wikipedia as a source.
from soledaddy's own wikipedia page there is this:

O'Brien drew criticism from on September 8, 2008, for making a false assertion during an interview with a McCain campaign spokesperson, claiming that vice presidential candidate Palin, as the governor in Alaska, had slashed the special education budget by 62%,[13][14] when, in fact, she had increased it.

i mean c'mon now.
and using figures compiled by the anti-christian lawyers union don't help matters much now do it?
about the only thing they got right were comments describing racists such as myself. and yes, i have all my teeth.