Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Morning News Wire

BRIC Nations join in opposition to Libya Strikes...

Libya Campaign Expanded, Debate On Chain of Command

International alliance divided over Libya command

U.S. F-15E Crashes, Crew Safe

Gadhafi's Forces Dig In

Libya War Cost Headed for the Billions

Cost of military campaign could wipe out GOP spending cuts

ABC's Tapper: Two Days Later, Obama Alerts Congress U.S. Joined a War

Dem senator Webb 'This isn't the way that our system is supposed to work'

Libyan War Rattles Dem Strategists in Lead Up to 2012

Misurata shelled as battle for Libya rages

Gates Says Libya Air Strikes to Slow

Yemen: President Clings to Power

Yemeni opposition rejects gradual transfer of power

Portugal braces for gov't collapse amid debt crisis...

Power lines reconnected to Japan's quake-damaged nuclear plant

Egypt's Interior Ministry set ablaze amid protest

Oil hovers above $102 as traders eye Libya strife

Florida pastor oversees Quran burning

Judge orders use of Islamic law in Tampa lawsuit

Pawlenty makes the first move for 2012, forms exploratory committee

Sarah Palin meets Netanyahu, vows return to Israel

Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Campaign Coordination Case

CA Judge places state's 'global warming' program on hold

WI Attorney General Appeals restraining order on collective bargaining law

GOP leaders pledge to block deficit package that increases taxes

University downplay Student's Jihad Threat

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1 comment:

louielouie said...

this is just amazing.
purely da*ned ridiculous.
one of the articles ff links to has a poll in it where 50% of americans support the libyan war this bozo has started, and 38% oppose it.
i went out looking and a 10/15/2010 CNN poll showed only 37% support for the afghan war.
yes, libya and kadaffy are a pain the ass, but so are some of the people who come into my store on a daily basis.
only 37% support a war with a country that openly supported a political faction that attacked this country, and 50% support military action against a country that did nothing of the kind?
in doing so, this bozo in the white house has made the US navy & air force the air wing of a bunch of ra......, ra......., ra......., islamist thugs, in much the same way that clinton made the US forces the air wing of the kosovo thugs. how's that working out for 'ya. wanna buy a kidney?
anyone who thinks that when kadaffy is gone, a james madison or alexander hamilton will appear is delusional.
the only reason the UN wants this is to turn libya into such a basket case of a country that it will become a caretaker defacto gov't.
the people fighting kadaffy are doing so just to fight. they have no idea what they want other than to fight. once they get rid of kadaffy, be careful what you wish for, it could be worse.
the muslim brotherhood will have other ideas.
either of those sound like liberty?
the american people, proving they truly are dumber than a sack of hair, day in, day out.