Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Russian bomb Squad Called Out To Defuse... A Sex Toy

When employees at a post office in Northwest Russia heard a ticking noise emanting from a package, they thought 'bomb' and called in a bomb squad.

They found... a vibrator.

The incident took place at Petrozavodsk in the republic of Karelia and followed a call from a postal worker who had identified a suspect package, a police spokeswoman told AFP by phone.

"The post building was ringed by the security forces and people were evacuated," she said.

"In the package the bomb squad found a vibrator."

The sex toy had apparently been turned on "by accident".

An argument broke out afterwards between male postal employees and members of the bomb squad on who was going to deliver the package personally to the female recipiant.

I may mistranslated that last part. Or something.

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1 comment:

louielouie said...

these are the people building the iranian nuke?
and they can't even use a suitable on/off switch for a vibrator.