Saturday, March 12, 2011

Arab League Backs Libya No Fly Zone - So Why Don't They Impose It Themselves?

In a special meeting in Cairo today, the Arab League voted to ask the UN Security Council to impose a No Fly zone over Libya.

The only opposing votes came from Syria and Algeria.

Now, riddle me this: There are a number of countries who belong to the Arab league and have combat aircraft. Egypt, for example, has a lot of US-made Phantoms within reach of Libya. So if they're so gung ho to strike a blow for Arab freedom, why not impose a no fly zone themselves instead of waiting for the West to do it?

Could it be that those brave Arab warriors really aren't so brave, when it comes right down to it?

I think it's time the West let them do something positive for themselves for a change. I seem to notice that whenever the West liberates Muslims from their home-grown despots, we don't seem to get a lot of appreciation for it.

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B.Poster said...

Its doubtful Egypt has any thing that can stand up to what :ibya has. Egyot has US made weapons. Libya has Russian made weapons. Russian weapons technology is superior to any thing America has. Also, the Libyan forces are better trained and better led. As such, we would expect Libya to make quick work of any thing Egypt might send.

During the Cold war the only reason the United States survived as a free country was because of the nuclear arsenal. This provided a great force multipler that helped us to overcome massive conventional Soviet edges in almost every area.

Then along came Rondal Reagan and his team. They were able to defeat the vastly superior Soviet/Russian forces by outsmarting them. There was no way America was going to overpower them. The only way to defeat them was going to be by outsmarting them. Now thanks to horrific mismanagement by Mr. Reagan's successors, the Soviet Union is back at least as powerful as it was at the height of the Cold War and in some cases more powerful. Thanks to even more mismanagement by US leaders the American military is even weaker relative to Russian forces than it was at the height of the Cold War!! Not only this but it proposes to throw away its one area where it might be able to neutralize Russia through the Start II treaty!!! The incompetence is absolutely breathtaking.

The new Russia does not go by the same name as the old Soviet Union but it is defacto the same entity as the old Soviet Union. The only things that have changed is the name at the top of the letterhead so to speak and a few minor tweaks of the organizational structure.

In summary, these US made phantoms want no part of the Libyan Air Force nor do they want to risk a direct confrontation with Russia or Iran that they cannot possibly hope to win.