Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Glenn Beck Connects A Few Dots On Soros, R2P, Israel And The Middle East

Worth watching..and proof that great minds think alike.

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B.Poster said...

I do pray we are not planning to use our military against Israel. There's two basic problems with that. 1.)God promises to bless whoever blesses Israel and to curse whoever curses Israel. This is a sure way to incurr the wrath of God on our country and our people. 2.)There is no way the US can expect to prevail in such a military conflict. The Israelis are to well led, to well trained, and to tech savy for us to pose a significant threat to them. They would defeat the US military as easily as a gnat is swatted away. Surely the military commanders are aware of this. As such, one would hope and pray they would not be stupid enough or suicidal enough to go along with such a plan. The US military needs to be used in ways that enhance American national security not in conducting unwinnable suicide missions.

louielouie said...

while i agree with the thrust of your comment, there is one item i disagree with you.
in your last sentence, you use the phrase:

enhance American national security

the manner in which i disagree with you, is that i feel, as you use this phrase, is in direct conflict with the way the current occupant of the white house feels. i think he feels that israel is ripe for a spanking, and he is the one to do it. and in doing so, he will enhance american national security.
shouldn't there be some hearings commenced in house commitees, concerning impeachment?

Freedom Fighter said...

Obama's 1/3 African ancestry is his insurance policy against that - and frankly, I can't think of much that's more racist.

B.Poster said...

Also, Mr. Obama is our first African American president. Even people who don't support his policies feel a sense of pride at this. This cannot be underestimated. If he's ever threatened with something like impeachment, the American people will close ranks around him in ways they never would for anyone else.

I do hope that someone would put principle above the fear of this though and do the right thing should the country be faced with needing to do something. For example, we have GOT TO withdraw from Libya and the broader Middle East while we still have a military somewhat capable of defending America. If impeachment is the only way to ensure this happens, then so be it and hopefully enough people in Congress and the military care enough about America and its vital interests to do the right thing even if it may cost them something.

B.Poster said...

It would be we who would get the spanking in such an endeavor not the Israelis. Now with that said there are many in American and European leadership positions who deserve a good spanking. I just don't want to see the American people get hurt.