Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Libya: Khaddaffi's Forces Regain Control Of Key City of Zawiyah

Pro-Khaddaffi troops have retaken a key city from the rebels, Zawiyah.

This is a major setback, as Zawiyah was the closest rebel-held point to Tripoli, 30 miles west of Khaddaffi's stronghold.

The rebels were hit with air bombardment and an armor assault, and the loss of life is said to be heavy.

The rebels were also forced out of the oil port of Ras Lanuf further east.

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B.Poster said...

If, as you have said, it would be fairly easy and compose fairly minimal risk to the US then we should have imposed a no fly zone. I see a potential fraught with huge risk and of virtually no benefit to the United States. Perhaps you were/are right.

At this point, the Khaddaffi forces have likely had time to prepare for a potential no fly zone. Apparently they have moved their planes to make it harder to take them out. I'm sure they've prepared in other areas as well.

If there is still time where a no fly zone would have some utility, that window of opportunity is closing rapidly. If we are going to do it, the Obama Administration and other "allied" governments had best start making the case for it forcefully and loudly. While the American and "allied" governments study reports trying desparately to understand what is going on and to try and figure out what to do, those groups who do not want us to enforce a no fly zone have been busily, forcefully, and loudly stating the case for non action by the US.

The American people are already leery of yet more military action in yet another country on the other side of the world. This is especially so when we have so many problems here that desparately need tending to and doing this at this time diverts precious resources from solving with these problems. In addition, the media, anti-American talking head pundits, and others of influence have coalesced around the idea that America should not get involved in Libya with a no fly zone in Libya.

Bottom line: for a no fly zone to be successful it will need the support of the American people, "allied" governments, and others of influence. Right now such support does not exist. If we are going to, the US government needs to begin building the case now, like yesterday!!