Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Wisconsin GOP Senators Pass Collective Bargaining Bill Without Democrats

The circus in Wisconsin appears to be coming to an end.

Tired of waiting for the 14 Democrat Senators who fled to neighboring Illinois to return, Wisconsin's GOP Senators simply stripped Governor Walker's budget bill of all specific fiscal items and voted to strip public employee unions of all collective bargain rights except the right to negotiate over wages.

The Wisconsin State Senate requires a quorum to take up any measures that actually spend money. But Republicans discovered that if they split off the proposal from the legislation to curtail public employee union's bargaining rights, they were legally able to pass a bill and a special conference committee of state lawmakers approved that bill a short time later.

Meanwhile, FOX is reporting that Senate Democrats are apparently returning to Wisconsin. Of course, if they do turn up, the Wisconsin State Senate will pass the full budget-repair bill in the senate, and it would go right to the governor’s desk for his signature.

Scott Walker has won this battle.

A number of Democrats have decried this as shoving a bill through, undemocratic, ans showing an unwillingness to compromise.Funny, these are the same people who cheered when ObamaCare was rammed through!

Alinsky's 4th Rule: become what you behold. That's exactly what the GOP is doing.

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Rosey said...

I'm very glad Walker didn't back down.

BTW where DID you get that photo from?

Freedom Fighter said...

If memory serves, Weekend Monkey forwarded it to me.