Friday, March 11, 2011

Too Much Ice, Not Enough Vodka

Michal Kawolski had been drinking with pals at the Polish port of Gdansk and came up with a briliant/stupid drunken idea( is there any other kind?).....'Hey, I bet that ice floe in the harbor is strong enough to hold me up.'

"We dared him to do it and it seemed like a good idea after a few hours of drinking," said one friend. I'll bet.

Then the ice floe broke away from the shore and Kowalski floated out to sea, still clutching a bottle of vodka. And Kowalski's buddies started laughing even harder.

"There was a loud crack and then he started to float away. We thought it was funny at first but then he started to scream for help."

Kawolski's buddies ran over to the local Coast Guard station, who had already spotted Kowalski bobbing past one of their observation posts.

"He had drifted about a kilometre out to sea by the time we got him. But we were able to get him to safety and he spent the night in hospital being treated for hypothermia," said coastguard spokesman Captain Adam Taflinski.

Definitely too much ice and not enough vodka.Or something.

So tell me...what's the dumbest thing you've ever done while drunk?

please helps me write more gooder!


nazar said...

hooked up with a fat chick. woke up the next morning with a pounding headache and a faint recollection of the night prior. she then proceeded to get butthurt when I didn't know her name. ugh, never again.

Freedom Fighter said...

Tips from someone who's been there. Go Alpha.

(a) If you wake up first, check the purse for an ID if you're so inclined.

(b)If that's not an option, screw her really, really good..and if she asks you if you remember her name, brazen it out with something like 'Hey I just met you last night. But I'm asking now.' That's assuming you feel she's worth keeping around.If you did the job properly, she'll be ecstatic that you actually want to know her name and perhaps progress to an actual relationship.

(c) Turn the tables. 'Hey do you remember MY name?' Chances are she won't, so you'll both have a good laugh. If by chance she does, you can always go with plan B and take your chances.


Linda L said...

I was at an all girl's college and got really trashed with my dorm roommates one night.

Apparently I was running my mouth to someone because they tied me naked to my bed and I ended up peeing myself. Ewww!

I found some new roommates pretty quick.

louielouie said...

no comment.

Anonymous said...

I lost my car. Literally.

I was drinking at a local bar for a couple of hours and when I walked back to where my car was supposed to be, nothing.

I went home in a cab, which was probably a good idea anyway. But I still couldn't find the thing the next day.

Finally, two days later a friend called me and told me where he'd seen it. Damned if I remember how it got there.

My friends were busting my balls for months over it.