Thursday, March 24, 2011

(Video) Trump On The View: “I want Obama to show the birth certificate.”

Donald Trump did an appearance on The View and in the midst of his 'discusson' with the Harpies this came out at about 2:08 - “I want him to show the birth certificate.”

Even more interesting, the predominantly Left wing studio audience applauded.

These days, most ordinary American know that you can't get a driver's license, register for school,or get hired for most jobs without providing a copy of your birth certificate...and yet, the man we hired as president has never shown his, except for a thrown together short form.

The Governor of Hawaii, Left wing loon and Obama ally Neil Abercrombie publicly swore that he was going to release it 'to shut the birthers up' - then had to admit he couldn't find it and has kept notably silent since then.

Not only is his birth certificate a mystery, but President Obama's school transcripts and records were all sealed by Obama, at considerable trouble and expense.

As Trump says, there's something on there Obama doesn't want the American public to know.And I think most people sense that.

As Kevin Dujann over at Hillbuzz speculated, it might simply be that it exists under the name Barry Soetoro, Obama's new legal name after his step father Lolo Soetoro legally adopted him, in accordance with Hawaii law.

If true, that would make every bill and executive order he signed under Barack Obama, his 'stage name' illegal and void.

Or it might be that there's no accompanying physician's affidavit or signature, merely a statement from the Dunhams that Obama was born at home..which in view of certain other facts like his mothers subsequent travel schedule could lead to additional doubts about exactly when ans where Obama was born.

It might even list someone different as Obama's father, perhaps communist,pornographer and child molester Frank Marshall Davis, to whom Obama bears a striking resemblance. That would tear apart the entire 'Dreams of My Father' mythos.

Eventually, we're going to find out.

( Hat Tip, Da Tech Guy via memeorandum)

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louielouie said...

Eventually, we're going to find out.

during his third, fourth, or fifth term?

louielouie said...

in the link provided by ff, there is this statement:

how would the American people feel about Obama lying to them about his NAME all this time? And if he lied about something as simple as that, what else has he lied about?

the answer to the first question is:
the american people don't care!!!!
dumm mass
why even ask????
the answer to the second question is:
see the answer to the first question.

B.Poster said...

What is Mr. Trump up to here? The media and President Obama's team have effectively inoculated the general public against claims that Mr. Obama was not born in America. As such, serious candidates for public office don't question the offical narrative on Mr. Obama's birth.

It has been said by some that Mr. Trump might make a run for the Presidency. If so, his bringing up birth issue means one of two things. 1.)He is not planning to make a serious run at the Presidency. He simply wants to make some money by selling books to and delivering speeches to certain audiences that issue reonates with. As stated earlier, the President, the media, and his team have effectively innoclulated the public against this. Serious candidates for public office don't bring this up. 2.) Mr. Trump knows something we don't and may have some proof for the claims made. I'm inclined to believe that 1 applies but time will tell.

I agree that we will all find ut eventually but when. I'm sort of with Louie here. In which term will we find out? Assuming the nation survives long enough.

Rosey said...

“Eventually, we're going to find out.

during his third, fourth, or fifth term?”

I was going to say that!

Louie, Damn you to hell!

Anonymous said...

You guys are all fuckin' crazy and probably rabid racists. I feel sorry for the people in your lives who are forced to listen to vile things that you spew. Wow, go to school. Read a book, not an Ayn Rand one either. Oh, and I know this will never be posted but seriously, your kind has made the world a scarier place

Freedom Fighter said...

Well, Anonymous, every once in a while someone like you posts a comment like the above that's so chock full of wisdom, facts and logic that I just have to share it with my readers.

Seeing as you've already shown us how smart you are, I have a request that should be absolutely a piece of cake for someone with your brilliance.

Look at what I wrote above and the facts I presented as the basis for my speculation and disprove any of them.

Rosey said...

Too late, I read Ayn Rand. I guess I'm a rabid racist. (?)