Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Lawfare Continues: WI Judge Sumi Rules Union Law Not In Effect

In view of the controversy over whether the new Wisconsin collective bargaining law was properly published and thus in effect, Democrat Judge Maryann Sumi has revamped her previous ruling to say that the law was not published and thus is not in force.

This is quite a far cry from her original ruling, where she stated that she was merely ruling on whether the bill was in violation of Wisconsin's open meeting law and not ruling on the validity of the law itself...but hey, lawfare is lawfare.

And I'm sure her son, who runs a company that lobbies for public employee unions and her union activist husband are certainly pleased.

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) called the order "judicial activism at its worst."

"Once again, one Dane County judge is doing everything she can to stand in the way of our efforts to improve the economy and create jobs," said a statement he issued.

Gov. Scott Walker's administration said it would comply and discontinue the implementation of the law, and the next step is the State Supreme Court, which has not said it will take the case yet.

Unlike some other state's Wisconsin's Supreme Court justices are elected, and the controversy has affected an upcoming race.

Incumbent David Prosser is being challenged by Assistant Attorney General JoAnne Kloppenburg, for a ten-year term. The election is April 5th.

Kloppenburg is a former environmental lawyer and a fairly typical Left wing loon. Ordinarily she wouldn't have a chance, but money talks.

By Wisconsin law, each candidate receives $300,000 in public funds and is restricted to that amount, but public employee union groups have spent huge sums on her behalf. The Greater Wisconsin Committee, a leftist organizing group with deep union ties, has funneled $3 million into anti-Prosser advertising. One ad they're running around the clock falsely accuses Prosser of being 'soft on pedophiles' because he allowed a plea bargain for a Catholic priest some years ago when a court psychiatrist testified that forcing the two young victims to testify could cause them serious psychological trauma.

Even one of the victims, Troy Merryfield has come out publicly and said that Judge Prosser's decision was the right one at the time and asked that the ad be pulled. And Prosser, understandably angered, demanded that Kloppenburg disavow the ads "which she knows are false' but so far, she has refused.

“It is the worst ad that has ever been run in a judicial campaign,” he asserted. “If some third party ran an ad supporting me and attacking you, and it was despicable, and it was a lie, I would stand up and ask that the ad be pulled,” he argued. “You are not willing to do that, even at the request of the victim in the ad?”

Uhhh, nope. She isn't.

Right now, the Court has a 4-3 conservative majority. If Kloppenburg gets in, that changes...but not for some months, so Prosser would still likely be the justice that hears the case even if he loses - and the State Supreme Court agrees to hear it.

The Democrats and the public employee unions are also pouring serious money into the state in an attempt to gin up a recall of Walker and other Republican state legislators.

In many ways, this is the first battle of the 2012 election.

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B.Poster said...

Will the country survive long enough to have 2012 elections and furhtermore even if people better than what we currently have in office were to be elected they can't take their positions until early 2013. Can the country survive that long? With an economy that has largely imploded, a massive national debt that is getting larger, a crumbling infrastructure, and foreign enemies who are gaining strength while ours is being depleted, at best, the prospects of the country being able to survive long enough to get new people in office are about 50%.

Assuming we can get better people in office is there still time to actually fix all of these problems or is it already to late? to that question, I do not know the answer. All I can say is significant prayers are needed. At this point, it may only be a divine miracle that can save our country.

louielouie said...

optimist that i have come to view b., i would make a comment of a different slant. if, as b. says, we elect better people in 2012, what happens in the interim? will those who have been voted out, actually and intentionally do harm? no doubt hussein could not get a top secret clearance as a senator. with what he now knows, what will he do? i have no doubt he fears not treason or impeachment, as he is above the law.

Freedom Fighter said...

I personally think we're better off making a serious attempt to impeach him now. There are certainly ample grounds.

The attempt would fail, because the Democrats would vote against it in the Senate just as they did with Clinton. But it would put them in the untenable position of supporting Obama's misdeeds publicly..and a lot of interesting items would come out that would make it very difficult if not impossible for him to get re-elected,or perhaps even run.

I still say the odds are no better than 50-50 Obama runs again. There are some vile, nasty things hidden just below the surface, and I have a feeling the Clintons will lead the charge in making them public.


louielouie said...

and I have a feeling the Clintons will lead the charge in making them public.

i disagree with this comment.
two reasons.
one, this is what the left says anytime anyone brings up matters of this nature. b/c issues, etc.
two, i think the clintons have realized the media, et al, loves hussein in a way they never loved them. i think at this point if anything comes out from them, the hussein people will know in a heartbeat, as so many of the hussein people pose as clintonistas, and the hussein people will crucify the clintons. bill as well. i think the clintons know this and will just ride this out.
who knows.
clarence thomas could have a coronary tonight, and produce a lifetime position on the supreme court for sec. state klebb.

Rosey said...

As far as this article goes, if the Dems get away with this, we are doomed. I am not a fan of anarchy, but if our democracy and the will of the people are thwarted, I see no reason for gun-toting, bible-clinging, unwashed masses not to form a militia and try to over throw parts of our government, it certainly is losing it's legitimacy.
I was going to say B. Poster is crazy pessimistic with his constant harping on the military etc., but there is certainly a reason for pessimism and it is hard to have hope.
I didn't think Obama would be elected once. There is no way he is not running. He and Moochelle are enjoying the privileges too much. Air force 1, the parties, etc. Impeachment is a pipe dream. I hope I am wrong. I want Obamao to suffer huge embarrassment, certainly not win another term or not even try. I want the truth exposed and the media to accept and publish the truth and all his mis-deeds...pass the bong, I need another hit...

Freedom Fighter said...

Hello Louie,
I very much appreciate what you're saying, but remember - if it happens, it will be covert at first and the Clintons and their minions will only come out at the end, 'for the good of the party'.

And not only because of the media, but more importantly because the Dems need a near monolithic Black vote to win elections.

Also, keep in mind that if Hillary doesn't run in 2012, her political career is pretty much over and that's the last hurrah until they're able to buy Chelsea a seat in Congress if that's how things go down.

If Obama's poll numbers fall much more ( and I mean the real poll numbers, not what's released publicly) don't be surprised if Obama is suddenly attacked from the rear by the Clintons.

Hello Rosie,
My sole reason fo rthinking a stab at impeaching Obama ought to be made is because it will weaken him.

You're correct, the Senate Dems will see to it it doesn't get completed,but it will put them on the wrong side of supporting giving a pass to a president whose 'high crimes and misdemeanors' are now public fodder.

As a side benefit, it will keep Obama too busy to do much else but consult with lawyers and play golf.

As for Wisconsin, Governor Scott Walker made one error. He should have been a lot more plain from day one that the alternative to his bill was wholesale layoffs of government workers.

And when they cheerfully obstructed him , he should have followed through, and made it plain to the people of Wisconsin that he hated laying people off, but the unions had left him no choice.

I guess we'll see how this goes...