Monday, March 14, 2011

Hugh Hewitt On Obama's 2012 Campaign

I think Hugh Hewitt has a pretty good grasp on how Obama plans to run in 2012 and how he needs to be fought tooth and nail,no matter who the GOP nominee is:

The refusal of the Manhattan-Beltway media elite to do even a cursory fact-check of the president's often astonishing podium pronouncements telegraphs the outline of the 2012 campaign. The president isn't going to get near any real reporters and he'll stay just as far away from any Joe the Plumber moments.

Rather than campaign he will simply announce a new reality, where 8 % unemployment is an improvement and $5 a gallon gas a consequence of forces beyond our control. Escalating violence against Israel and a diminished American military are sad consequences of Bush-era overreach, and whatever else happens, he won't let the GOP take away the new health care benefits which loom in 2013 or rob seniors of their Social Security or Medicare benefits.

This amalgamation of fantasies and falsehoods wouldn't last a day in a D.C. with an independent Fourth Estate, but the gang's all in for the boss, just as they were in 2008, and the non-reaction to Friday's whopper is just a preview of coming attractions from the MSM.

The task of the GOP nominee, and all of the would-be nominees between now and the end of the primary season, will be to develop and drive into the public's consciousness a concise list of the president's many failings. The big four are already well known:

*a massive, wasteful stimulus that did nothing except line the pockets of friends and allies of the Democratic power elite;

*Obamacare, which is both unconstitutional and an enormous drag on economic expansion and job creation;

*a non-energy policy that shut down new domestic production in the Gulf while obstructing its expansion anywhere else, leading to skyrocketing gas prices; and

*a foreign policy that is incoherent in all its particulars except a historic enmity towards Israel.

Repetition, Repetition. Repetition.

Sarah Palin is right. The MSM remains awestruck, and for the obvious reason: The president is one of them --glib as they define it, credentialed with that which they value, and unburdened by any set of skills they don't have and thus find threatening (for example, successful business experience.)

Having foisted the president on us in 2008, the elite media will be working overtime to keep him propped up on the theory that a second term couldn't be any worse and might even get better.

The country couldn't afford that. It might not be able to afford 20 more months. The key is to drive home the reality of his awful performance and the certainty that he lacks the capacity to grow in office or develop anything resembling an understanding how economies grow and great powers act.

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louielouie said...

chance the gardener is spot on for a comparison.
as for the article in it's entirety, HH makes no mention/reference to what hussein will do in his third and fourth terms.
his focus is only on the 2012 election.
too bad for HH.
he doesn't know the electoral college vote has already been certified.
hussein wins.
365 to 350 (not a typo)