Wednesday, March 23, 2011

An Open Letter To The Leader Of The Free World

My good pal Robert Avrech over at Seraphic Secrets has a scrumptious post with some excellent common sense advice on Libya, addressed to the current leader of the free world..President Sarkozy of France:


Dear President Sarkozy:
Thanks so much for stepping into the power vacuum created by President Obama in regard to the current unrest in Libya.

Look, I'll be honest, I've made a lot of snarky cracks about France, and dreck French movies over the past few years, but I sense that you are a different kind of French leader, one who is acutely aware of the dangers posed by the transnational Islamists and the Muslim majorities who, through their silence, have abdicated power and influence—code for terror and intimidation—to the jihadists. {...}

Well look, I'm just a dopey Hollywood screenwriter but let me offer my advice on this war, because G-d knows, you're not going to get anything worthwhile from our Community Disorganizer in Chief, who is busy busting moves in Brazil, urging them to drill for oil, while blocking domestic oil exploration.

A clearly defined mission in war is a must and here's what—excuse the pun—to shoot for:

1. Kill Muammar. Forget all the nonsense about bringing him to justice at some world court in Luxemburg or Lichtenstein or whatever third-rate country hosts this farce. Just kill the SOB, wrap the corpse in a pig hide and download the video to You Tube.

2. Ditto for the Lockerbie bomber Abdel Baset al-Megrahi.

3. After that bit of business, hand over power to whatever provisional government steps forward and then—

4. Get the hell out of Dodge. Because you are intervening on behalf of a murky group of tribes who hate each other almost as much as they hate Muammar K., and the chances of sorting out who's on first is one of those impenetrable cultural dilemmas that westerners are simply unable to decode.

5. And because the Libyans, like Arab Muslims everywhere, will almost certainly opt for another murderous regime, probably the Muslim Brotherhood or an equally homicidal Islamist gang who will proceed to blame Israel/Jooz for, well, everything, and then loot the national treasury.

Gotta go read the whole thing. And as a reward, some extra special eye candy awaits you at the end of the article.

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yzernik said...

I disagree about killing Qaddafi. Without Qaddafi, Libya and its oil will be under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran. The best thing we can do now is back up Qaddafi and help him destroy the Islamist rebels.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hello TLOS,

Actually, it's going to end up that way regardless, unless we occupy the place...or completely destroy the oil infrastructure.Neither is going to happen.

And Khaddaffi is not going to be any help to the West at this point.There's no point in suddenly switching sides and backing him.

Like a good part of the Arab world, Libya is a wacked out tribal society that never should have been a country at all.

That's just how it is.

BTW, have you started blogging again? E-Mail me and let me know what's going on with you.


yzernik said...

Qaddafi has been pretty benign since 2003 when Bush convinced him to quit the Axis of Evil. He gave up his nuclear program in exchange for a promise that the US would not attack him.

North Korea and Iran would have to be crazy to give up their nukes at this point.

Freedom Fighter said...

'Benign'? Funny definition of that word.

For a very brief period after Saddam got dragged from his hole and executed, Khaddaffi was pretty harmless. But by the time Bush was into his second term, things had changed and with Obama in the saddle, Khaddaffi was funding Islamist dawa in America and Europe, fiddling around with Chavez, etc.

I agree that if we were going to get into it with someone, there were worthier targets, but Libya was made to order for Obama's real purposes.


yzernik said...

When Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood put a fatwa on Qaddafi's head, you have to ask yourself if he is doing something good.

I am very skeptical when al-Jazeera says that Qaddafi is doing a "genocide" on innocent civilians, because they have a clear Jihadist agenda.

Freedom Fighter said...

Agree on al-Jazeera, definitely.

I diagree that Khaddaffi is some kind of anti0Jihad folk hero, though!

louielouie said...

my only disagreement with the writer is he used the term president before the word obama.
hussein is not my president.

Robert J. Avrech said...


Thanks so much for the link and your kind words.

Truly, an honor to be counted as a member of the Joshua Pundit army.