Sunday, March 13, 2011

Libyan Rebels Pushed Out Of Stronghold In Brega

Things continue to go badly for the rebels in Libya.

Today, they were pushed out of a major stronghold in the port city of Brega by a major assault from Khaddaffi's forces, which included warships, tanks and warplanes.

That puts Khaddaffi's forces within 150 miles of the Rebel capitol of Benghazi, The city of Ajdabiya is the last major point between Khaddaffi and a direct assault on Benghazi. it's also a major loss because of the supplies of gasoline the rebels had access to there.

At that point,Khaddaffi would have a choice between blockading Benghazi while consolidating his control over th erest of the country or moving in for a direct assault.

"Benghazi doesn't deserve a full-scale military action," army spokesman Milad Hussein told reporters in the capital, Tripoli. "They are a group of rats and vermin and as soon as we go in, they will raise their hands and surrender."

Meanwhile the rebels are consolidating their forces for a major battle at Ajdabiya.

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