Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Israel Seizes Gaza Bound Arms Ship - En Route From Turkey


The IDF's Shayetet 13 Naval commando unit intercepted a shipload of Iranian weapons headed from Turkey to Gaza on this morning.

It was carrying Iranian weapons that originated in Syria. and while I'm speculating here, I wouldn't be surprised in the least if this was the cargo that was unloaded in the Syrian port of Latakia from the Iranian ships that were allowed through the Suez Canal last month.

The ship, The Victoria, is owned by a German company and flies the Liberian flag. It was en route from the Syrian port of Latakia and made a stop in Mersin, Turkey, before heading toward El Arish. From there, the goods were to be offloaded and travel by land to Hamas in Gaza. It was seized by the navy off the coast of El-Arish in Egypt, 200 miles off of Israel's coast.

The ship was boarded by commandos from the Israel Navy's Flotilla 13, the Shayetet,( who were also the unit used to board the Turkish ship Mavi Mamara) and was taken to the Israeli port of Ashdod.

The IDF's belief at this point is that neither Egypt nor Turkey has any connection to the ship's cargo. Their evidence indicates that Syria and Iran were the main actors.

The full details of the Hamas-bound goodies aboard wil likely be revealed later,but there is speculation that they may have included anti-ship missiles aimed at crippling Israel's navy.

More details as they emerge.

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louielouie said...

obama is going to be pissed about this.

Freedom Fighter said...

You think maybe the ship was carrying his new set of golf clubs?

B.Poster said...

If this is true, then someone may have done the right thing entirely by accident. If these were the ships that passed through the Suez Canal, then had America attempted to block the shipment this would have resulted in a massive naval battle that would have led to huge American losses. That coupled with these anti-ship missles that might have crippled the Israeli Navy would have easily defeated the American Navy. This would have made stopping this shipment even more problematic for America.

By Israel handling this the operation had a much better chance for success than if America had tried to do it. The Israelis are much better trained and adept at this sort of thing than America is. Sometimes the best thing for someone to do is TO STAY OUT OF THE WAY and allow others who are much better suited to a certain task to handle it than to try to interfere.

America's best option is to withdraw entirely from the Middle East and to redeploy to defensible positions along the American borders. Stay out of Israel's way as they hanlde the Islamic terrorist problem that threatens both of our great nations. Israel should be able to handle it. At least their odds are better with us not in the way. If they can't or won't, at least American forces are now deployed to positions where they might actually have a fighting chance to defend our nation.

Farrel CT, SA said...

I'm pretty sure they used more than just paint guns when they boarded this time!