Friday, March 25, 2011

Netanyahu May be Losing Patience With Hamas

Israeli PM Benyamin Netanyahu told visiting US SecDef Robert Gates that Israel is ready to act with "great force" in response to the continued rocket and mortar barrage directed at Israel's civilians from Hamas in Gaza and the deadly terrorist attack on a bus station in Jerusalem.

"We stand ready to act with great force and great determination to put a stop to it," he added.

"Any civilized society will not tolerate such wanton attacks on its civilians," he said.

For his part, Gates said he was very anxious to discuss "prospects for a two-state solution". I have a feeling that's not exactly Israel's priority right now.

The two met together for 45 minutes and had nothing to say about their meeting afterwards, which is to be expected.

In view of how the West is tied up in Libya and what will almost certainly be the coming new Hamas-friendly regime in Egypt, Israel might be better off taking on Hamas now instead of later.

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louielouie said...

i hope the IAF has taken note of the kinetic activities of the west in libya.
if bibi is smart, he'll grab his ankles. if not, he'll get a no-fly zone over israel as well.
and before anyone issues a protest to my above comment, please take note of whom the current occupant of the white house is, and tell me how the principals involved in the current no-fly zone over libya are such champions of zion.
yeah, i thought so.

Freedom Fighter said...

That could be a pretty wild situation.

One of my Israeli contacts raised it as well via e-mail, saying "If it comes down to it, I don't think our pilots are afraid of NATO."

Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

louielouie said...

don't mis-understand me.
i don't think the IAF is afraid of anyone.
but that's not what i said.
the powers that be in the west, don't give a damn about the lives they put in harms way.

Freedom Fighter said...

My point had nothing to do with who's afraid of whom. I do not want to see anything like that kind of confrontation going down. The West is going to need all the pilots and planes it can get without wasting any fighting each other.


B.Poster said...

If we are "anxious to talk about the prospects for a two state solution", the best place to start will be to cut off all aid to the Palestinians or at the very least make it subject to kinds of restrictions that aid to Israel is subject to. As long as the Palestinians are receiving unconditional aid in the vast quantities that they are currently getting it from America and Western Europe, they possess a massive advantage relative to Israel.

As long as they possess such a massive advantage, there is little incentive for them to engage in the type of good faith negotiations that will be necessary to reach an equitable two state solution. If we're serious about this, cut the aid to the Palestinians or at least make it conditional. By cutting this aid and/or making it conditional the Palestinians will be on more equal footing relative to the Israelis. In this situation, they would be much more likely to negotiate in good faith. Perhaps then we can reach the type of accomodation between the parties that we claim to want.

Btw, Rob is right the West, if we mean the United States, Britian, and Western Europe and perhaps Australia by West, we will need all the planes and pilots we can get. Should America try to waste them fighting Israel America will not have any planes left by the time the war is over!! Not only should America not waste planes and pilots in this manner, it should be trying to learn from the Israelis and try to acquire the same flying skills the Israeli pilots have. Also, the US should be doing research and development on the next generation of fighters and bombers. Right now, if we had to go to war with Russia, China, or both our technology and training are no match for the Russians and Chinese. We need to be working on getting our warriors and our equipment up to that level. With this in mind why exactly are we wasting time and resources in Libya?