Thursday, March 24, 2011

Video: Qu'ran Burning In Florida

Pastor Terry Jones finally held the Qu'ran Bar-B-Cue yesterday at his Florida church that he originally planned for the anniversary of 9/11.

I personally am against this sort of thing for one reason - it's essentially unkind.

But I note that in the last decade there have been numerous Bibles, Torah scrolls, churches, synagogues and Buddhist and Hindu shrines destroyed by Muslims in the name of Islam, as well as thousands of non-Muslims slaughtered...all without a word of complaint or condemnation from most of the Muslim world.

Next to that, the burning of a single Qu'ran seems a small payback, although I hardly expect Muslims to see it that way.

Tolerance and intolerance are mirrors,in that they create their own reflections.

Just something to think about.

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Anonymous said...

My daughter reports a conversation with a male Muslim work colleague - an otherwise reasonably sensible Surgical Assistant in a hospital operating theatre. This man became exceedingly passionate when discussing the threatened Koran burning back at 9/11. "It is a though someone had raped your mother" he repeated time and again, "Of course we should rush to defend it". He could not see any other view.

Rosey said...

I’m thinking of Krav Maga here. I have recently started training in this Israeli Martial Art. Burning a Koran is protected by the 1st amendment. And I don’t care about the unkindness. After all you can put feces on Jesus and call it art. And get federal funding for it. But you don’t pick a fight with those who (used to) buy ink by the barrel. And you don’t pick a fight with anyone, least of all 2 billion crazy men who don’t shave and are fond of beheading. You don’t pick fights. You learn to fight and are humble, so you may walk in piece.