Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pakistani Actress Defies Mullahs Who Accuse Her of 'Immorality'

This is an amazing video that's in the process of going viral.

Pakistani actress Veena Malik committed a grave sin, apparently..she appeared on an Indian TV show dressed like a modern 21st century woman and actually behaved with love, decency and tolerance towards the Hindus in the cast.

Because of that, she's being roundly condemned in Pakistan and is under a death fatwa from the Taliban.

But that hasn't affected her raw courage at all, as she lays into an obscene, hypocritical Muslim cleric who denounces her for her 'crime'...appearing on the Indian “Big Brother” show to show the Indian public across the border that not every Pakistani is a savage, hate-filled monster and that there are Pakistanis like her that 'who believe in love, entertainment and fun.'

Unfortunately, there are a lot more Pakistanis like the cleric than there are like Veena Malik. I hope she's taking adequate precautions.

(hat tip, Allah)

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