Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Today's News Wire

Japan Quake

Death Toll Rises, 500K Homeless

Work to Restart at Stricken Nuclear Plant

Emperor in historic speech: Don't give up hope

French claim Japan has lost control of nuclear disaster

Radiation Monitoring Equipment In Overwhelming Demand

Nikkei Stocks Jump 6% After Steep Fall

G-8 countries ready to assist quake-stricken Japan


RNC Considers Selling TV rights To Presidential Debates

Polls Show GOP Race Wide Open

NYC Mayor Bloomberg's Approval Rating At Lowest Point In 8 Years

Miami-Dade Voters Fire Mayor over pay hikes, tax increase

Obama Administration Pushing For Banks To Modify Millions Of Mortgages To Settle Foreclosure Claims

Herman Cain: 'It's Not Planned Parenthood— No, It's Planned Genocide'

UT: Gov Signs Immigration Bills

Sarah Palin: The $4-Per-Gallon President

Wholesale prices up 1.6 pct. on Steep Rise in Food, Energy

World News

Israel Seizes Gaza-Bound Arms

Foreign press uninterested in arms vessel

Iranian defense minister: 'Arms ship is a Zionist propaganda'

Netanyahu presents arms confiscated from ship

France: EU recognition of Palestinian state a 'possibility'

Gaddafi's son vows to end revolt in 48 hours

UNSC Divided on Intervention

Russia's Medvedev urges balanced attitude to draft UN resolution on Libya

Saudi And Bahrain forces sweep into opposition camp; 6 dead...

Tunisians protest ahead of Clinton visit

Mexico to allow US drones into its territory

Aristide 'to leave for Haiti on Thursday'

Colombia: top rebel trafficker slain

Italian PM Berlusconi rejects 'shocking' sex accusations

Berlusconi sex scandal reaches Poland — on pizzas!

Berlusconi: I'm too old for so much sex

Royal wedding: charitable gifts, not presents

Hospital treats 3-year-old alcoholic

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Independent Patriot said...

This is great. Glad you are compiling everything in one place.

louielouie said...

this from the RNC selling rights to debates:

While Republicans captured the House, made gains in the Senate and picked up additional governorships during Steele's tenure, he was widely criticized for his stewardship of the committee, particularly fundraising.

first, i want to be critical of ff for posting this. it is an article by CNN. the reason i come to J/P is to get away from bullshit journalism like that. oh, my apologies, did i say bullshit journalism, what i meant was horseshit journalism.
second, the referenced paragraph is a perfect example of which i speak. no where did they mention the effect of the tea party. it was simply portrayed as during steele's tenure. like he had anything at all to do with it.

Freedom Fighter said...

The comment stream here nicely illustrates my dilemma.

I started this feature because I thought a morning news wire might appeal to some people.

As we see here, some people like a news wire, and some don't. I limit this feature to straight news. As we both know, a lot of this stuff is slanted and not necessarily stuff I agree with. I figure if Drudge can do it, so can I.

It's kinda like 'come for the straight news, stay for the informed commentary and interpretation.'

The News wire is an experiment, and I want to see how it goes. As you know, I tried something a bit like this before, but not so cut and dried.You might want to just skip over it for now and go right to the stuff you enjoy.

Perhaps if I get more feedback from my readers, that would indicate whether the News Wire stays or not.

My apologies for the inconvenience.