Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ahmadinejad: Iran 's nuclear program 3 months from completion

Iran's president Ahmadinejad revealed today that Iran will be a nuclear state in three months.

Ahmadinejad gave a press conference in Tehran today to announce that Iran "has completely acquired, with God's help, the nuclear fuel cycle" and that "thousands of centrifuges will be operated soon."

He said that between February 1st and February 12th when Iran celebrates the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, "will be the right occasion during which we will declare Iran's transformation into a nuclear country."

"The world has finally accepted to coexist with a nuclear Iran that possesses the nuclear fuel cycle," Ahmadinejad said, arguing that "time is now acting in favor of the interests of the Iranian people on the diplomatic level."

Ahmadinejad also promised to reveal "two very important achievements in the field of technology, including one that no country in the world has accomplished so far" in February.

Like most of our enemies, Ahmadinejad loved the result of the 2006 midterms, saying that the elections "proved the failure of (U.S.) policies of violence, arrogance, robbery and harming other countries."

In other words, like Iran's Supreme Leader Khamenei, he saw it as a victory for Iran..which it most certainly was.

President Bush has said many times that he would not allow a nuclear armed Iran on his watch. For over four years, since the Iranian clandestine nuclear weapons program was revealed, he's done very little about it.

I guess we can put that kind of put that down to campaign rhetoric, right Mr. President?

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Anonymous said...

given the posture of the iranian banana republic, the only positive(s) that i can gleen from the past days of comments, are that saddam hussein will not aquire nukes, and that uday & qusay will not succeed their father.
and given what could have been, that is nil.