Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Nasrallah tells Hezbollah followers Siniora government will soon be overthrown

It will soon be replaced with a "clean government," one that doesn't take American orders, according to Nasrallah.

He probably knows what he's talking about.

Six pro-Syrian ministers, including the Hezbollah ones quit the Lebanese government ending the so-called unity coalition talks and aiming to toppling Foud Siniora’s government. This is being done on Iran and Syria's orders over the Siniora government's offer to cooperate with an international tribunal to try the assasins implicated in the February,2005 murder of Lebanese politician Rafiq Hariri.

Siniora forgot who's running things for a minute and will either follow orders or end up being carried out feet first in a coup.

Another reason behind this is Iran and Syria's desire to create unrest in Lebanon and other parts of the Middle East to raise the price to the US for Iran and Syria's cooperation in getting the US troops out of Iraq..which of course is what they want anyway.

Since the New order has already anounced a `phased retreat withdrawal over the next three to six months anyway, I have few doubts that Iran and Syria will get what they want.

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