Monday, November 27, 2006

Olmert finally goes insane in public


I'm surprised they didn't cart him off to an asylum, right then and there.

First of all he makes the same mistake that he made in Lebanon, grabbing on to a bogus ceasefire and allowing a beaten enemy to regroup and rearm.

And now, he makes what he calls a `major policy address', at a memorial service commemorating the death of David Ben-Gurian, no less....and offers, essentially to surrender to the Palestinians!

In a nutshell, here's what Olmert said he's in favor of:

  • He wants to repeat his disasterous `disengagement' strategy that worked so beautifuly in Gaza in Judea and Samaria, creating more homeless Jews and putting the Palestinian rocket launchers even closer to Israel major cities.

  • He wants to release hundreds of terrorist murderers in exchange for one Israeli hostage, corporal Gilad Shalit, to make sure that the Palestinians get the message that attacking Israel and kidnapping hostages pays off bigtime.

  • He wants to dismantle Israel's series of security checkpoints and border safeguards, and reward the Palestinians by releasing the millions of tax dolars Israel froze after Hamas took over so that they can buy more and better weaponry to kill Jews with.

  • He mentioned, for the first time, a formal positive Israeli response to parts of the genocidal 2002 Saudi `peace plan', and he said that he would invest efforts in furthering relations with Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf nations...never mind that none of those countries will even sit in the same room with an Israeli, do not recognize Israel, and spend millions of dollars every year demonizing Israel and financing its enemies. And never mind that the Saudi plan calls for swamping Israel with so-called `refugees' and re-dividing Jerusalem.

Carl in Jerusalem at Israel Matzav has a savagely funny take on well as some information on Olmert's family that I'm aware of, but many may not be.

If the Israelis don't get rid of this pathetic clown quickly and get some real leadership, they are in serious, serious trouble. He's already done major damage and is on the verge of doing even more.

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