Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The scorecard so far...

Here's where the election stands so far...

In the Senate,

PA's Rick Santorum(R) is unfortunately down against Bob Casey Jr.(D), the projected winner by almost 18 points, 59-41 with 48% of the precincts in.

In Rhode Island, Chaffee (R) appears to have lost to Sheldon Whitehouse(D) 53-47, with 84% of the precincts in.

In Ohio, Mike DeWine(R) got clobbered by projected winner Sherrod Brown(D), 55-45, with 48% of the precincts in.

In Virginia, George Allen (R) continues to hold a slim lead over Jim Webb(D), 50-49%, 95% of Precincts Reporting.

In Connecticut, Joe Lieberman (I) is the projected winner and appears to have trounced Ned Lamont(d),48-40, with 35% of Precincts Reporting

In Maryland, several sources have called it for Cardin(d), even though Michael Steele (R) is still ahead 50-48 with only 35% of Precincts Reporting. I'm still reserving judgement.

In New Jersey, Menendez(d) is the projected winner over Tom Kean(R)54-44 with 72% of Precincts Reporting.

Bob Corker(R)is comfortably ahead so far in Tennessee over Harold Ford (D)52%-47% with 74% of the vote counted.

And Jim Talent(R) is edging McCassgill in Missouri thus far, 52-45 with 36% of the precincts in.

Net pickup for the Dems thus far in the Senate, +3 if you call Lieberman a democrat, +2 if you don't.

In the House, there have been very mixed results. The dems appear to have a solid pickup so far of at least 10 seats.

However, a number of prominent GOP incumbents (Jean Schmidt, OH-2, Chris Shays,ct-4, ) who were supposed to be in trouble appear to be running strong. And the GOP apears to have picked up two seats in Georgia.

One of the big hopes for the Dems. Mark Foley's old seat (FL 16) is virtually tied, even with the handicap of Republican Chuck Negron being a write-in candidate.

We'll see what develops...


Anonymous said...

two things for certain:
1) the state of oklahoma has begun to move out of the 19th century with the imminent passage of SQ733.
2) the 2008 presidential campaign has officially begun.

Soccer Dad said...

Though I had a ray of hope when the Washington Post retracted its projections - Steele and Ehrlich both lost.