Monday, November 27, 2006

Scotland on its own?

My dear friend on the other side of the pond Canker offers up an interesting post, and something I was not aware of.

Is it truly to be Bye bye, Scotland for the UK?

Apparently the upcoming May elections could feature a choice in government between Labour and the Scottish National Party (SNP) who have already announced that if elected they plan to introduce an independence bill within 100 days.

I'm familiar with the history and with the arguments for Scottish independence, but given the dangers the West faces, this is surely no time to break apart!

'Fan còmhla, bàsaich fa leth'


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't this be Scotland's 300th anniversary of unity within the British Empire? Wow, that's even older than we are as a nation.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean "breaking apart"? What hysterical nonsense. An independent Scotland, part of the EU, with a seat at the UN should be welcomed by any fair-thinking person.

Freedom Fighter said...

Simmer down, Anonymous.

As I said, I'm aware of the history
and the case for an independent Scotland.

My point is that, given the threat to the West by Islamic fascism, the timing is questionable.

It's not about what's fair,bit what's ultimately practical and makes sense.

Translate the Gaelic and I think you'll understand...