Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Genocide? What Genocide?

Sudan's President, Omar Hassan al-Bashir

Remember when the UN's Kofi Annan was preening himself a little while ago over a supposed agreement with Sudan's jihadi government to accept a UN/ African Union force to protect Darfur's civilians from genocide?

Well, it seems that's Mr. Annan's self-congratulation was a mite premature. Al-Reuters reports today that not only isn't the President al-Bashir going to allow any UN or AU troops in, but now he denies there's any problem!

What's more, Darfur is just a Zionist Conspiracy anyway.

Or to quote al-Bashir, "You cannot at all rule out the Israeli role in any problem that any Arab country is facing because the security of Israel is based on weakening Arab states," he said.

"Israel would do everything through their media and their different mechanisms - you can't deny they have such influence in circles all over the world so they can do what they want."

To date, even conservative estimates are that more than 200,000 people have been killed by the Sudanese `janjaweed' militias and the government's armed forces and that over 2 million people have been displaced and ethnically cleansed by the Arabs since 2003. Rapes in Darfur are widespread and endemic and slavetrading is a booming industry.

12 year old Darfur rape victim

Our own government calls it genocide...something the UN hasn't quite gotten around to, though they do refer to `Human rights violations' and "heinous crimes". Not that they're prepared to actually do anything meaningful about it, even if it violates the UN Charter.

And this foul, murderous little man has enough contempt for every norm of civilized humanity,enough smug confidence in the backing he's receiving from Russia, China and the Muslim bloc in the UN to go before the cameras and say the jihad against Darfur is `no problem'.

Of course to him, it isn't. It's simply jihad, and the way things ought to be.

It is sickening how the norms of what most of us would call basic human decency fall by the wayside when someone has oil to sell.

Meanwhile, the ethnic cleansing of Darfur continues without a letup.

And I'm still wondering - where's all the outrage and protests over this? Where are all the hundreds of TV cameras and network talking heads like there were following the Israel/Lebanon war? Where are the marches?

If Islamic 'values' really are so much higher than the decadent West's,if Arabs really are "the best of peoples" [Qu'ran 3:100], then where's the outcry from CAIR, the MPAC, the Muslim council of Britain?

And these, of course, are the same people who have an absolute fixation on Israel and the Jews.

Is anyone else but me sick and tired of the hypocrisy and double standards of much of the Muslim world?

Are we prepared to continue to ignore this genocide just because the amoral hypocrites at the UN and in the Muslim world are?

If we want to stop this, and we're unwilling or unable for whatever reasons to intervene directly,the best thing we could do would be to airlift arms to the people in Darfur and the Black separatist movement in the South Sudan so that they can defend themselves. And we should do it N O W.

Darfur is one of the keys to the ongoing jihad in East Africa.

Once the mopping up of what's left of Darfur is completed by the Sudan's Islamist government, Christian Ethiopia will be faced with the prospect of jihad on two fronts, from Somalia (with Iranian sponsorship) and from the Sudan.

These people have nothing but rape, enslavement and ethnic cleansing facing them. But if they succeed in defending themselves, they stall the jihad in East Africa, and strengthen the anti-Jihad forces there. And we might just end up with a non-Muslim, oil producing ally.

After all of the wasted billions we've spent chasing the mythical `Arab Democracy' and trying to bribe the hearts and minds of people who hate us regardless, perhaps it's time we put some money and metal where it could actually benefit America.

If we're serious about fighting the War Against Jihad, we need to ally ourselves with people like the Kurds and the people of Darfur.

This is, yet again, an opportunity for the US to combat jihad on the ground...will we take it?


Anonymous said...

Will we take it? Not if it means another mogadishu. I hope.

Anonymous said...

We've wasted thousands of lives, us soldiers, in iraq and we're afraid of another mogadishu? We found sadam hussein in a hole in the middle of nowhere... if it was a priority it would get done.

Anonymous said...

There is no genocide in Darfur. If you want an example of genocide, look up Rwanda or the Shoah or Cambodia under pol pot. If Darfur is genocide, than so is Gaza and Iraq.

People like you care about Darfur so it can divert attention from the killings and humanitarian crisis in Gaza due to Israels' murderous policies.

The West is a hypocritical and the rest of the world knows it. A US and EU that imposes sanctions on the people of the prison camp that is Gaza instead on Israel has no moral standing.

Freedom Fighter said...

And you , anonymous, are either totally misinformed and have no real idea of what `genocide' actually is...or your political agenda and racism are showing.

Perhaps both.

As for Gaza, I can assure you that the IDF is quite good at killing its enemies, and if genocide was the aim the casualties among the Palestinians would be more along the lines of what King Hussein did to the Palestinians during Black September, 1970 (in the thousands)... and this war would have been over a long time ago.

It may yet come to that, if the Palestinians continue to back leadership that has pushing the Jews into the sea as a goal.

This site deals in factual truth. You're certainly welcome here, but you might enjoy sites that cater to your misinformed bias much more.

tvdog said...

One problem: the victims in Darfur are moslems too - so they would be just as eager to kill us as their Arab enemies are to kill them. What's happening in Darfur is nasty, but it's not our problem, and in fact we ought to be encouraging similar activities throughout the moslem world.

Anonymous said...

That's not at all true. Most of the victims are not Muslim, that is why the rapes occur.. its called ETHNIC CLEANSING. The janjaweed (state-sponsered terrorism if you ask me) are raping these innocent victims and killing harmless people merely because of their beliefs. If that doesn't remind anyone of the Holocaust, honestly, what else will? Do you think merciless killing is not a genocide? Making thousands of people leave their homes not a genocide? What is then?

Anonymous said...

Also.. to think that Muslims are all out to get us is completley ridiculous. You cannot alienate a complete group for a small amount of people. There are MILLIONS of Muslims (more than on the other side) that believe that what the suicide bombers and radical muslims are doing is barbaric.

Anonymous said...

something should and needs to be done. obviously they need help. so anonymous you need to seriously get into reality here. PEOPLE ARE BEING RAPED AND MURDERED. thats not a problem to you? they dont need help? WRONG. they do and they will get help.

Anonymous said...

@tvdog: whatever upsets stability in the arab world will have a knock on effect in the western world, too - so I believe it is our problem as well. And that's not even talking about the humanitarian side of it. How can you encourage rape and genocide, even in another country? This is a sick and twisted view.

@anonymous: if killing 100s of thousands of humans doesn't qualify as genocide, what does? But maybe, like Hitler, you believe people with different skin color from you are not humans?

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