Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Palestinian Unity Government falls through again - and Israel ends `Autumn Clouds'

Well, Hamas leader Yahya Moussa retains his reputation as being a less than reliable source. It looks like the Palestinian unity government has fallen through again..if it was ever on in the first place.

OK, I'm being a little snarky. One of my long time sources, an ex-minister in the Pal mob hierarchy before Hamas took over ( I can see him chewing his moustache at this description as I write this) wrote me that talks were indeed proceeding, but Abbas got a little too greedy and Hamas pulled the plug.

Since Israel has decided to end its `Autumn Clouds' offensive against the qassams for now, Hamas can afford to play tough with Abbas for awhile.

Of course, Abbas' trump card is to dissolve the government and call for new elections. This, of course, would spark a major gang war and I'm not sure Abbas and Fatah are ready for that just yet.

It remains to be seen who will end up being `mudda' and who will end up at the other end of that popular ephithet in the Palestinian gang wars.

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