Sunday, November 26, 2006

Russia sells Iran state of the art missile defence systems

Russia delivered the first contingent of 29 Tor-M1 missile defence systems to Iran as part of a $700m deal.

Some Iranian and Russian air defense experts are claiming that the full deployment at Iran’s nuclear installations could make them virtually invulnerable to American or Israeli attack in the foreseeable future. No more than six months remain until all the Russian Tor-M1 systems are in place.

The first batteries to be delivered include Iranian crews trained by the Russians. The Tor-M1 system is supposed to be designed to simultaneously destroy two targets traveling at high speeds in any weather, day or night. It also sports a specially designed powerful, jamming-resistant radar. The Tor-M1 is widely considered to be state of the art equipment.

The fact that the delivery of the Tor-M1 systems by Russia was announced at this time, right after President Bush agreed to allow Russia in the WTo pretty much reveals that Russia has decided not to go along with any US requests or clandestine arrangements between Russian leader Putin and President Bush not to sell sophisticated arms to Iran, to aid in sanctions or to curtail Russian building of Iran's nuclear facilities.

Putin, of course brushed objections off by saying that these are `just defensive weapons.' And of course, ignored the fact that they would be deployed to protect offfensive nuclear missile sites.

Certainly, they'd never be needed to protect a mere civilian power station, no would they? But of course, that's not what Iran has in mind.

So much for diplomacy, Mr. President.

Not good.


Anonymous said...

not to worry, bush has looked into putin's soul.
just ask him.

Freedom Fighter said...

Sometimes I wonder if Bush has looked into his own.