Friday, November 10, 2006

Shameless Plug - the Freedom Fighter appears on Radio!

For those of you interested in hearing the Freedom Fighter live, I will be appearing on W.C's `The Gathering Storm' show on Wide Awakes Radio this Friday November 10th at 1:15PM Pacific Standard Time. You can access it via the internet by clicking on the link...and it's a call in show, should you be so inclined.

It's my first time on radio as a guest so I'm sure to make an idiot out of myself. Tune in and share the fun...


Anonymous said...

are you saying you have a face for radio?
oh come on, someone had to ask.

Joe Gringo said...

Well hot damn.........although I'll be on a beach south of the border this fri-sat-sun, I'll be sure to tune in!

Knock 'em dead.

Anonymous said...

the kos kids are drunk on their koolade.

Anonymous said...

Tulsa, OK (AP) - Today marked the first time ever radio discourse by the blogger known as ff. Broadcasting over the Wide Awake Radio network ff was interviewed regarding the nature of his blog, his beginnings in his blog, and continued on with discussing current events and topics.
In this correspondents view, the obvious shortcoming was the technical difficulities associated with the WAR network. This made the interview very distracting, sort of like listening to the old couple with a missing hearing aid, discuss things at the thanksgiving dinner table. ff however, overcame these distractions and proceeded to give a very insightful, as opposed to inciteful, interview. Although not the focus of his blog, he devoted considerable time to the obvious current topic of the election results of this past tuesday. The focus being here, their effect and relationship to the so-called "war on terror". IN this aspect, ff distinguished himself from other bloggers in offering the position that this war does not have the focus of the enemy to be defeated. During the interview ff offered considerable and comprehensive criticism of the current Bush administrations handling of this trying period.
Overall, the content of the interview, and given the fact this was ff first outing, i thought he did an admirable job. The interview was also enhanced, in this correspondents opinion, by ff leaving that damnfool Monkey Boy out the garage. Thank g-d for that.

Freedom Fighter said...

Thanks for the kind words Louie. The technical difficulties were a pain, but I have to compliment WC and the Wideawakes crew for their courtesy and good will in the face of all this.

As for Weekend Monkey..well, let's just say he's indisposed. Once I paid off on our election bet, he purchased a several bottles of Bushmills and his favorite mixer, banana extract (yecch!)and disapeared from view, apparently accompanied by one of his intern candidates - a bad mental image if ever there was one.

I expect he'll turn up by next week..I'll let him know you asked about him.

Anonymous said...

Damnit, I can't believe I missed it!

*pounds self on head repeatedly*

I do hope there's some kind of archive.

Rosey said...

The UN sucks!

Anonymous said...

hi nazar,
not to rub salt in your wound .........
but ff did a pretty good job.
you could tell it was his first as he gave straight forward succinct answers. none of this rambling on like he was running for office. when the answer called for "yes" or "no" that was the response. you could tell it caught the interviewer off guard. he referenced topics he had posted on in his responses, which imo showed he had done his homework.
i did disagree with him on one point though. when asked about the future he was unaplogetically enthusiastic and optimistic. stating that within 5-10 years the jihadists will be defeated, we will have won our shooting war with iran, etc., etc. given the current leadership, and the leadership on the horizon, senators-representatives that have been there for 20(+) years, i just don't see that happening in my lifetime. and don't share his optimism.

hi rosey,
you should have heard the interview before ff. i thought he was talking to you.

Anonymous said...

Aww, Louie, why so down? We've done it before, and even the Pelosi dems are bound to come to their senses eventually.

Lighten up.