Friday, November 03, 2006

Kerry Insulted the wrong people

After getting considerable flack from his own party (including, reportedly, a phone call from Mr. Bill himself) John Kerry issued a belated `apology'for his remarks. I put that in quote marks because, essentially, what this arrogant, self-serving elitist actually said was: `Hey, I'm sorry you got upset, but it's not like I said anything wrong, really.'

For another perspective on this, Ronald Griffin, the father of Iraq hero Kyle Griffin decided to weigh in with the appropriately titled: `Shame on Him'.

I hope you take the time to read it. G-d only knows Mr. Griffin is not going to be given a forum to appear on CBS News, The View or the Today Show. And you won't see this in the New York Times.

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Anonymous said...

i've said it before and continue to say it, this says more about our country than about sen. heinz-carry.
the letter that mr. griffin recieved is the proof.
i frequented TCS for a while after 9/11. there were numerous liberals posting there. i didn't know just how liberal until i called a poster on a comment he made with the same words karen used to describe heinz-carry, shame on him. the poster didn't care. he was more than happy that i was offended by his disparaging remarks about the US military. he went on to tell me his dislike for jesse jackson was that JJ was way to conservative to his liking.
heinz-carry don't care what we think. nor should we care what heinz-carry thinks. but what about those voters in mass.? what are they going to do when heinz-carry runs for re-elect? that's the tell of the tape about what is left of our country.