Thursday, November 02, 2006

Another European minister weighs in on the Islamic femme mask

Swedish Integration Minister Nyamko Sabuni

First Britain, than Italy..and now Sweden.

Today, Sweden's new Minister of Integration Nyamko Sabuni said that Islamic headscarves had the effect of “isolating” Muslim schoolgirls.

"Where in the Muslim scripture does it say that children shall wear a headscarf? Nowhere. The purpose of a headscarf is for a woman to hide her charms from men whom she could marry," said Sabuni, who fled to Sweden from Burundi when she was 12.

"The headscarf is a means of isolating the girl from her surroundings," she said.

There are over 400,000 Muslims now living in Sweden in a population of 9 million, or about 4.4%.

Sabuni, interestingly is an apostate ex-Muslim who was raised in Islam. She became Sweden’s first black cabinet minister after the September elections that brought a center-right government to power in Sweden after 12 years of Social Democratic rule.

As Integration Minister, she's been rather controversial so far. She backs compulsory genital exams for high-school girls to prevent or find evidence genital mutilation. She also supports a required level of Swedish before citizenship and a ban on religious schools. And she wants the hijab and the full veil banned until after age 15, the Swedish age of consent.

Groups like Sweden's Muslim Association are, of course, agin' all this, screaming Islamophobia.

"I am convinced that with better proficiency in Swedish language and more jobs, the feelings of being discriminated against will diminish," Sabuni said.

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Anonymous said...

Headscarves? That's no big deal. Burkhas, on the other hand..