Monday, November 13, 2006

The Palestinians have a mob sitdown and pick a new Capo

Badda bam badda bing, the Palestinians have a new Hamas affiliated PM who's clean enough to get the aid money flowing again.

Ismail Haniyeh agreed to step down in favor of the new Hamas capo, Muhammad Shabir, former head of the Islamic University in Gaza, a Hamas controlled venue. As a plus, Shabir got his education in the USA, wears suits and speaks credible English, so he can tell gullible westerners what they want to hear while saying something else to the hometown crowd in Arabic.

Rest assured that if Shabir had not passed muster with Hamas boss Khalid Meshaal, in Damascus, this wouldn't have happened.

And of course, as both Abbas and Hams have made clear, the little detail of accepting Israel's right to exist or ending terrorism is not an issue on the table.

Abbas, of course, remains Capo del Tutti (Boss of all Bosses).

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