Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Jihad prepares to claim another victim....

There's truly nothing to compare with the Religion of Peace when it comes to justice, tolerance and mercy.

The individual who's picture you see above, Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury is a Bangladeshi journalist on trial for his life in the Muslim nation of Bangladesh.

His crime? He had the nerve,the absolute effrontery to criticize Islamic jihadis in Bangladesh and to advocate realtions between Bangladesh and Israel. He's accused of "praising Jews and Christians," "spying for Israel," and being "an agent of the Mossad" — and because of those articles critical of Islamic radicals, blasphemy.

Choudhury spent 17 months between 2003 and 2005 in prison without trial and has been attacked twice: In July, his office was bombed, and in October he was assaulted in person. Nothing ever happened to his attackers.

Choudhury asserts that he has no no hope of getting a fair trial, and says the judge is a radical Islamist who has already made clear his view that Mr. Choudhury is guilty.

"In open court ... he made comments that by praising Christians and Jews I have hurt the sentiment of Muslims ... which is a crime."

Choudhury is not being permitted to present witnesses in his own defense..though I wonder how one would defend oneself against this kind of `crime'.

In an Islamist court, Choudhury is of course guilty by definition.

Conviction would carry a death sentence.

The US gives Bangladesh $63 million a year in aid, and 70% of the country's main export, textiles, goes to America. As the article I link to proposes, that might be the key to getting Salah Choudhury freed.

Remember Mr. Choudhury the next time somebody waxes poetic on sharia law and the peace of Islam.

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Anonymous said...

It blows me away that people can still call these killers peaceful. Are they living in a cave or maybe the victims of some mass hysteria? I think not. I think they are too afraid of the truth. The truth that Islam will not stop the violence until they rule the world with sharia law.