Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Palestinians claim to have formed a unity government

According to al-Reuters, the Palestinians had a sitdown and finally agreed on a unity government. And a Hamas lawmaker says Haniyeh will not head the new government as Prime Minister.

"We have agreed on the political platform of the new government," said Hamas lawmaker and senior leader Yahya Moussa. "The Hamas movement has also agreed that the next prime minister will not be Haniyeh."

"The choice has been made for the next prime minister," Moussa said. "His name will be presented to President Abbas. A joint committee will be formed to appoint the portfolios and to finalize other details."

Well, Moussa is not known for his veracity, but this is a major step if true..if Haniyeh steps down as senior gang boss for Hamas, and Abbas emerges as the Palestinian capo del tutti (literally `head of everything or in mafioso-speak`boss of all bosses'), that means that either Hamas boss Khalid Meshaa in Damascusl hung Haniyeh out to dry or that there has been a revolt among the Hamas consiglieres and they have decided to oust Haniyeh and cut a deal with Abbas for all that wonderful aid money.

Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

was this guy in damasscus supposed to get paid off by the iranians, or was it the hyena, to prevent galid shalit's release?

Freedom Fighter said...

You talking about Mashaal?