Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Some more Palestinian child abuse

Another ugly video of how the Beast continues to eat itself...YouTube - Armed palestinian terrorists using Children as human Shield

An interesting bit is the frantic comments section, where the usual Pal apologists claim that the armed figure seen dragging a child along to use as a human shield is an IDF soldier or a Shin Bet operative. Hey, it's ALWAYS the Joooos with these people.

Having taken a real good look at the `soldier', I can confirm that it is neither Shin Bet or IDF. In any case, an IDF soldier committing this kind of abuse would be brought up on charges by his commanding officer..as a very few have been.

On the other hand,have you ever seen the Palestinian Authority ever jail any of their goombas for hurting a child? Nope.

The Palestinian Authority has been censored in the past by the International Pediatric Association for using child soldiers. Would you expect a culture that teaches its children that being a homicide bomber is a holy act to shrink from using them as human shields?

To quote the Original Gangster, Yassir Arafat, speaking to Palestinian women: `Have ten children..keep one for yourself and give the others to me.'

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Rosey said...

One word: Sick.
The next vidoe up showed IDF stopping and ambulance, that ultimately yielded a suicide bomber belt, plucked out by a robot then detinated. Didn't say what happened to the driver and the "Patient." Wish the moonbats of the world would wake up...