Wednesday, November 15, 2006

While no one's paying attention, Iran sponsors the East African jihad

Regular members of Joshua's Army know that I've been highlighting what's going on in East Africa for some time. Apparently, the Mullahs have also been paying attention.

According to an 86-page UN report more than 720 Somali jihadis were personally selected by Aden Hashi Farah of the Somali Islamist front, some of whose leaders belong to al Qaeda, to fight in Lebanon in return for training and arms from Iran and Syria.

At least 100 of them returned home in September, accompanied by a cadre of 5 Hezbollah trainers, while other Somailis stayed in Lebanon for advanced combat training. The Somalis were paid $2,000 as combat wages and $30,000 in death benefits for those that were killed by Iran...and according to the report, Iranians are now in Dusa Mareb to talk about exploration rights for uranium in exchange for arms and training for the al Qaeda affiliated Islamic Courts which rules almost all of Somalia.

As I've mentioned, jihadi control of this area poses a strategic threat to America’s interests in the Middle East and the Horn of Africa..and especially the sea lanes to to the Persian Gulf, where all that oil comes from. It's also a base in the rear of the US military presence in the Persian Gulf and Iraq.

The Iranians have been shipping land mines, machine guns, M-79 Katyusha rocket launchers and anti-air missiles among other tools of the trade.

One more time...aside from it's strategic location, East Africa is awash in strategic materials used in fighting a modern war.

Not to mention the danger of rogue states as sponsors for terrorism. Remeber Afghanistan and Iran?

The Somali Jihadists have already declared holy war against Christian Ethiopia.

Christian Ethiopia is now faced with the prospect of jihad on two fronts, from Somalia and from the Sudan, once the mopping up of what's left of Darfur is completed by the Sudan's Islamist government.

If Darfur is conquered and Ethiopia is attacked, all East Africa is in jeopardy. As I've mentioned before, Kenya has a large Islamic population and a significant jihadi network in place, and elements in Islamic Zanzibar, which is 95% Muslim are already agitating for dissolution of the union between Zanzibar and Tanganyika, which created Tanzania in 1964.

Keep your eyes on East Africa. This will turn out to be a major front in this war.

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