Saturday, November 04, 2006

Watcher's Council results, 11/03/06

The Council has spoken! Complete results can be found here on the site of our fearless leader, Watcher of Weasels

This week's winner is:

Gates of Vienna: Female Genital Mutilation in Georgia: Who is the Perp? Dymphna examines a case of Islamic genital mutilation in Georgia that occured when the child was at the tender age of two. And I might add that since this was written. the defendent has been convicted. Congrats, Dymphna!

In second place, Done With Mirrors: You Would Weep Callimachus comes up with a real gem. He relates the story of
William Eaton, who captured the city of Derne in the fiefdom of the Barbary Pirates with a handful of marines against all odds during America's early 19th century confrontation with them over the piracy of American ships and the enslavement of our sailors - only to be forced to withdraw after `diplomacy', leaving his Arab allies who had backed the US at the mercy of the Tyrant of Tripoli.

Callimachus likewise relates this to our abandonment of the Vietnamese and the proposed abandonment of the Iraqis. excellent job, Calli...

For non-Council posts, the winner was Isis’ Guide to Sensible Islam Posting: Smart and Final Isis I won't lie to you..I did not agree with the basic premise of this post. While I agree with and indeed practice some of the guidelines she uses for what she considers `sensible posting' I find her central premise - that Islamofascism is a perversion of Islamic teachings - and her rejection of the simple notion that the Qu'ran and Hadith actively preach that Islam is to conquer the world and create a hegemony by any means necessary to be well, naive. Results don't lie, one doesn't need to be an `Islamic scholar' to observe them and it is exactly this sort of head in the sand attitude that makes Islamic fascism dangerous as the ideology hides within a religion. The similarities between the Qu'ran vs. Mein Kampf are quite astounding if one examines them, as I have. Nevertheless, a well written if logically flawed post, and I congratulate Isis on her win.

Hearty Kudos to all the winners!

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