Thursday, March 26, 2009

Afghan Wanna-Be Suicide Bomber Accidently Blows Himself And 6 Other Jihadis Up

"Goodbye guys...Uh, I press this button, right?

A would-be suicide bomber accidentally blew himself up on Thursday, killing six other militants as he was bidding them farewell to leave for his intended target, the Interior Ministry said.

"The terrorist was on his way to his destination and saying good-bye to his associates and then his suicide vest exploded," a statement from the ministry said.

Taliban-led attacks in Afghanistan have escalated in the past year with suicide and roadside bombings insurgents' weapons of choice.

The incident happened in Helmand province in southern Afghanistan where mainly British troops are struggling against a growing Taliban-led insurgency

Too freaking funny!


Anonymous said...

ok. this is what i dont' understand about what passes for journalism these days.
but first, may i digress?
remember the george carlin routine about when two planes almost hit each other, they call it *a near miss*.
it's not a near miss, it's a near hit.
a collison is a near miss.
with that little jewel in mind consider the following:
A would-be suicide bomber accidentally blew himself up on Thursday,
this is just wrong on so many levels.
as opposed to what?
the guy was going to blow himself up any way.
the use of the term *would-be* is absolutely ludicrous.
he did commit suicide.
if he had done it when planned it would have been homicide you dumbass.
i guess what i should have done is click on the link first and see that it was al-reuters that was telling this story.
notice i did not say reporting.
saying reported by al-reuters would be a near miss.

Anonymous said...

Was this the same academy from which the failed shoe bomber graduated?

Christian Atheist said...

Too funny Louie!
My personal favorite line:
"....and then his suicide vest exploded"!
Wha'? How'd that happen?
If only they were all so dumb!