Thursday, March 05, 2009

JoshuaPundit's Headlines, 3/05/09

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ENEMIES LIST: Dems step up attacks on Limbaugh; Obama team admits input... At least Nixon had the decency to realize it was wrong.

Jim Cramer: My Response To The White House... Another response from a member of the White House enemies list.

Israel seriously considering military action against Iran... What, you expect them to just sit there and wait to be hit? it's lucky somebody is planning to deal seriously with the mullahs. An dabout time. I wouldn't blame Israel one bit.

Arutz Sheva: Jerusalem: Arab Tractor Driver Plows Into Police Car, 2 Hurt - Just another terrorist attack from Israel's 'peace partners'. He was aiming at a bus, but was taken out before he could kill anyone.

Geithner attacks oil, gas companies for 'global warming'...Just what this economy needs. Lectures to the energy sector from the nation's most famous tax cheat.

Washington Post: Democrats' Diversionary Tactics - House minority leader John Boehner finally gets off the dime and hits back: "In the first two months of 2009, the Democratic Congress and the White House have spent more money than the combined cost of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and the response to Hurricane Katrina. After they doled out taxpayer dollars at such a blistering pace … " ‘Substantial doubt’ about survival — Translation..they want more tax dollars.

Fox News: Professor Takes Heat for Calling Cops on Student Who Discussed Guns in Class — This happened when a professor in Connecticut reported one of her students to the cops after he gave a class presentation on why students and teachers should be allowed to carry concealed weapons on campus! So much for academic freedom, eh?

Doug Ross:Mission Accomplished! Did Obama intentionally nuke the economy? — That's what Rush Limbaugh has been saying..and I think there's something to it.

Presidential Bait-and-Switch — What Obama once promised, and what he's delivering. Karl Rove scores in the WSJ.

Big Donors Dominate Obama Panel - Guess who's sitting pretty on Obama's Economic Recovery Act Board?

Peril Brewing in North Korea - Greg Sheridan, The Australian

Isolating Hamas Still the Answer - Michael Young, Daily Star- Some uncommon comen sense from the Arab world.

Yemen: New terror camps as a city falls to jihadists- Yemen..the next failed state.


Ymarsakar said...

I'm wondering when Obama will let the real nukes fly. I can't see waiting 3 years for that, can you?

Hey, he blew up the economy pretty fast and his policies didn't even start working to do that!

With that kind of efficiency, I'm sure we'll see the big dinosaur killing asteroids soon.

Although it is hard to imagine any more major catastrophes. Well, actually, I can, but not how Obama can engineer them. I suppose he could give Iran money to build a nuke and send it to Hamas. That could always work.

Spark nuclear war between Israel and the Arabs, Pakistan and the Indians, Russia and the Eastern European countries.

That could be a big enough bam to satisfy the "we ain't see nothing yet line" I wrote.

Anonymous said...

Incredible!! The economy is in the toilet. The military is falling apart and lags behind all the major world powers and is getting further behind by the day. The national debt is huge and getting bigger. The United States is more dependent than ever on others to meet its energy needs and the countries it depends on hate Aemrica with a passion on their worst days and on their best days merely have interests that are polar opposite of America's.

Given these huge problems, what does this Administration do? They attack energy companies for "global warming!!" The monumental incompetence of this Administration is absolutely breath taking!!

What they should be doing is embracing the energy companies. American energy companies can drill for oil more efficiently and cleaner than any others in the world. We should be promoting more energy useage of American resources and not discouraging it. By letting US energy companies tap into oil and natural gas resources in America and off the American coasts we could make a sizable dent in our energy dependence from other countries and we could give ourselves some leverage in negotiating with them. Also, building more refineries would help as well. Building refineries is extremely expensive. This will probably require tax credits to get the energy companies to do so.

Basically the Administration and Congress should be treating the Exxon Mobils and the Haliburtons like the national treasure that they are and not as villians. But again this would be a sane energy policy. Right now this government is not sane!!


In order to make real nukes fly, one would need a working nuclear arsenal. The American nuclear arsenal is aging and has not been upgraded in some time. Much of it already does not work even now.

Iran already has the money and the technology to build nuclear weapons and the missles to send them any where on earth. They are getting this from the Russians.

I don't know why Iran would want American dollars when they can get Russian rubbles and Euros that have much better prospects than the dollar. Hyper inflation is probably headed our way. The dollar will likely only be worth a fraction of what it currently it.

Also, I don't see Iran wanting American nuclear technology or American military technology. American technology nuclear and otherwise is inferior to what the Russians, Chinese, and other major powers can offer. Obasma can peddle America's inferior military technology but I don't see the Iranians buying or wanting it even for free.