Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gordon Brown "..The Devalued Prime Minister Of A Devalued Government!"

A classic and brilliantly eloquent Parliamentary flogging delivered by British MP Daniel Hannan,in which he tells Brown, "The truth, Mr. Prime Minister is that you have run out of our cannot spend your way out of recession or borrow you're way out of debt!"

Unfortunately, the things he says could easily be applied to the socialist we elected here in America..a younger, slicker version of what could be termed, in the words of MP Hannan, 'a tired old Breznev era apparatchnik."

Hat tip and a commendation to Joshua's Army member Louie Louie


Anonymous said...

i don't know anything about this hannan guy.
i thought all MEP were socialist leftards.
his line about other peoples money is classic thatcher obviously.
the scene of brown laughing and taking notes is classic as well.
like ff said, i was not listening to this as being spoken to brown, imo, he should have been saying this to elmer gantry with a tan.
of course, he'd be dead by now if he had.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hey, it ain't that bad yet.

Actually, what we need is for somebody in DC to have the guts to talk to the Chosen One in this fashion....Rush Limbaugh does, but he's not in government.

Anonymous said...

Both America and Britian are largely finished as major world powers. This is a sad time indeed. The United States has been the second greatest blessing to humanity in the history of nation states. Britian has been the third greatest blessing. Israel and the Jewsih people have been the greatest blessing of all.

I do not rejoice in seeing either America or Britian becoming second rate powers. In fact, the countries may not even be that fortunate. They may not survive much longer.

America is in much worse shape than Britian is. As such, it will fall faster. America and Britian will probably be removed from the UN security council within the next year or so. After this Britian will be removed. India will probably replace America on this council. As for who will replace Britian, I would expect it to be Iran or Saudi Arabia but I'm not sure on this yet.

At least Israel appears to have a bright future. With the election of Benjamin Netanyahu they appear to have finally elected someone who will fight for their rights. Also, the recent natural gas find they have should help greatly as well.

Finally, they have one of the most modern, well trained, and well led fighting forces on earth. All that has been lacking is the will to properly use it. With the new leadership they have they may finally found the courage to use their military properly to defeat their enemies.

I wish America had a leader like Bibi. Unfortunately the US is probably to far gone for such a man to be able to make much of a difference at this point. Again, it is painful to write these things. I love America. As such, I don't want to see it reduced to a second rate power or worse, destroyed. The first step to correcting something is to face the truth. Until this is done, necessary corrections cannot be made.